31 shows into my Crime Binge and I really loved three: River, Mr. Inbetween, and Love/Hate (just finished season 2 and really looking forward to season 3!).  I liked 7 other shows (enough to continue watching).  So I enjoyed a third of everyone’s recommendations.  So far.

Still making the final adjustments to our NYC and L.A. trips.  Looking to fill one lunch and dinner spot in the former, and one lunch spot with the latter.  Think we’ll just pick up Sharky on the Day 2 and then take-out food so we can spend the evening with him at the hotel.  Hope he’s a good flyer!

Meanwhile on the home front….

Today’s Yes/No..

But yesterday’s Yes/No was even better…

5 thoughts on “October 2, 2023: Better late than never when it comes to blog entries!

  1. Sharky? Are you getting a dog in New York????? (please say yes).

    As far at the Starfield Chunks, I would definitely try some of them.

  2. Can’t wait to see Sharky! Are you still going to Japan in December if you have a new special needs dog?

    “Silent Night”, while undoubtedly action packed, looks to be lacking in story development other than revenge killing. I’d pass as a paying customer. Free on TV, maybe.

    Chunks is intriguing. I’d try them all.

    Hard pass on the martini, though.

    1. We’ll still be going to Japan. We used to go to Japan when we had the other pugs. It’s just that Suji was so high maintenance that we couldn’t leave her with anyone.

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