Again, thanks to everyone who left a message about Suji.  For a little girl, she had such a big, demanding personality that every facet of my daily routine was impacted by her presence – and now by her absence.  Another dog will never replace Suji but seeing all those seniors and special needs pugs languishing and in need of a good home makes me believe we’ll be adopting sooner than later.  Perhaps much sooner.

With the seeming resolution to the WGA strike, I’m hoping the various projects I have on the go start seeing traction.  There is apparent interest on the part of a South Korean production company for my SciFi-Kpop series (Seoul!), while two potential homes have expressed interest in my globe-trotting (Greece!) action adventure series (We’ll be looking to chat with an actor we’re hoping to attach to the project maybe next week).  And, finally, my cozy mystery pilot (U.K.!) will go out.  The producer how optioned it is very excited – and I, in turn, am very excited at the prospect of doing a very different show.  Meanwhile, looks like financing for that horror movie is looking very good (Bulgaria!).  Hope to have a cash-flow schedule by next week.  Tomorrow, we’re on a zoom with a possible Music Supervisor and, then week after, we should be talking to an entertainment lawyer about setting up our own prod. co.  Also have a couple of zooms this week regarding some outside projects, pilots/shows in need of some development (and a showrunner) before gong out to the market, one with a very cool horror angle, the other that would shoot in Portugal.  I feel like there are one or two other projects I’m forgetting, but I’m sure they’ll come to me.  After I hit PUBLISH on this entry.

Looking forward to our short NYC get-away.  We’ve booked a couple of tables, noted maybe too many dessert stops, but THIS is the one Akemi is most looking forward to –

For Akemi, it’s all about the fish and carbs.

Todays’ Yes/No…

11 thoughts on “September 25, 2023: Moving Forward!

  1. Suji Productions, or maybe Dark Matter Productions. Of course Baron Destructo productions has a nice ring to it..

  2. Suji certainly carved out a deep place in our hearts! I am sure that you are going through caregivers grief on top of just processing her absence. All of the empty hours that were formerly devoted to her care play heavily on your emotions, too. My thoughts and prayers will be with you for a long, long time. No, you can’t replace your darling girl, but you can give new life to another fur baby (or two), which is some comfort for you and the lucky new family member(s) who would benefit from your extraordinary level of care. Hugs and best wishes!

    I love that you have interest in so many projects! Surely something will stick. Hooray for the end of the writers’ strike. Too, too many people have been out of work for way too long. I support the strike, but it’s time to get real about the negotiations and put a fair deal together.

    Yes, please, to the pumpkin shaved ice, but only if six or so friends want to enjoy it with me! Yum!

  3. “noted maybe too many dessert stops” … This is THE BEST part, no? LOL

  4. All your projects sound really exciting. I hope each gets green lit in turn. I know the feeling of waiting. I’ve been creating production decks for four films that seem to have much support for my producers and editing scripts that are extremely well received. It’s been a difficult time for indies. Meanwhile, have a wonderful getaway. I do hope for your sake and the senior pugs that you’re able to adopt. You make such wonderful fur parents.

    My daughter has a chance at a curator job at a major museum in Canada that fits her talents. So we may be coming up to Toronto in a few months. Fingers crossed.

  5. Sounds like your next dog(s) better be flyable (within weight limits). He or she is going to be a world traveler. New York sounds fun. Can’t wait for all the pictures of the good food and places!

  6. And now I’m hungry. Does this mean it’s time for a return of Foodie Blogger Joe?

  7. Wow… you have been very busy. I’m trying to get back into my semi-regular comments. Something just hit me the wrong way and affected my mood for a while, okay a long while. I hope one or more of these possibilities becomes a reality soon. Some of them are intriguing, but I’m not going to lie–I can’t watch anything in the horror genre.

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