My reference photo of supervillain t-shirts to ensure I don’t double purchase at this year’s Fan Expo.

Akemi is Con-Ready!

Photos from Fan Expo.

Purchases?  None.  The verdict?  Meh.  I would have probably had a better time checking out Rolling Quartz at the Toronto Korean Festival.

To be honest, not a huge fan – but, surprisingly, Akemi is!

8 thoughts on “August 25, 2023: Fan Expo!

  1. Meh perhaps, but whoever was cosplaying you next to the cat-bus did a remarkably good job!

  2. Wow! I didn’t think Akemi would go for that kind of stuff. Glad she had fun.

    Love your collection! Why didn’t you wear one of the T-shirts?

    1. None of the t-shirts have been worn. I’m going to wear a different one for each day of production on my next show. In the meantime and while I’m waiting, I’ll just keep collecting.

  3. Looks like it’d be fun to walk thru anyway. Your storage closet thanks you for not buying anything more.

      1. Okay, that’s great but could you announce it next time. People take breaks from Twitter all the time. I fully support that. I think it’s good for you, but just let us know. Last I saw you on Twitter, snakes were falling from the sky and I thought the worst had happened! Don’t scare me like that. I have a handful on Twitter-must-reads every day and you are one of them. I will seek you out if I don’t see you. I sought and did not find. Me was worried!

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