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2 thoughts on “August 24, 2023: Unusual Deaths and Donburi!

  1. One to add to your unusuals list.

    Death By Cheese.

    An Italian news agency report was shared by pretty much every major u.s news outlet
    but this article seems to have the most complete explanation of the unfortunate event.

    It has certainly made me reconsider burying my next plate of spaghetti and meatballs under an enormous pile of dried grated parmesan.

  2. With all the stress of late dealing with resolving previous yr’s out of pocket med bills
    my brain has once again become scattered all over the place.
    Rather than fight it
    here’s my random thought of the day.

    How come the creators of YOU, Dexter, Scream, Friday The Thirteenth, etc,
    never once thought to asked Weird Al Yankovic to write and record “I’m The Ax Man”
    to the tune of the Beatles “I’m The Tax Man” song ??
    I bet it’d be a HUGE hit!
    Every action genre digital game designer on the planet would want to use it.
    Every tv sitcom about people working in a corporate office would play it,
    in lieu of using the line “Heads will roll!” whenever the CEO needs to intimidate employees for making mistakes. And as an added bonus,
    Emotionally immature u.s political candidates could use it on the campaign trail.

    Speaking of corporate sitcoms ..
    Anyone know when Severance season 2 is supposed to release?
    I would have thought it would have been scheduled for early-mid spring this year
    long before the WGA strike began. ??

    In the meantime I’ve been catching up on the serious backlog of amazing engineering innovation videos I had placed in my watch queue.

    Check this out!
    Cars are now being built that animals can drive!!

    This one’s for birds.

    This one’s for fish.

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