Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST, I’ll be guesting on the Galactic Gals podcast.

Drop on in!

Now if I can only get my Blue Yeti mic to work…

Who is the greatest television detective of all time?  Cast your vote!

I’m Team Columbo.

So, weekend plans?  Akemi and I have our usual Saturday early morning farmer’s market trip.  I have the podcast at 1:00 and then, later in the afternoon, we’re dog-sitting our neighbor’s king charles spaniel, Sophie, while they attend a wedding.  Sometime between then and Sunday night, I should get some work done on fleshing out the story for my new pilot I’ll be co-writing with my old friend Alexander Ruemelin.  I have most of the story and most of the twists.  Now I need to find the act breaks.  And, once that’s done, it’s smoooooooth sailing!

Today’s Yes/No…

6 thoughts on “July 28, 2023: The weekend cometh!

  1. Totally on Team Columbo. I mean, all the rest are just imitations, really.

    For the weekend, who knows? Depending on the weather, which careens from heavy rain to oppressive heat, I might stay home and do housework or may go paddle boarding. Or maybe something else entirely. * shrugs *

  2. The King Charles Spaniel baby sitting job had me wondering… Have you EVER considered getting a dog breed other than a Pug or Frenchie when you are thinking about bringing another lucky dog into your home?

    I see my electric bill is coming in the mail tomorrow. This should be fun considering July had about 24 days of 100+ temps. Every day now the forecast says over 100 degrees for the next 10 days!

    1. Ideally, I’d like to have a pug, a frenchie, an English bulldog, and a Boston terrier.

  3. I’m for Rockford. I hated Columvbo, didn’t watch Fletcher. Magnum was okay, but Rockford was better.

  4. wtf!??? no option for
    Inspector Gadget!?, Scooby Doo’s Shaggy!? or Fred the cockatoo who worked with Baretta!!??? 😀

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