With the success of the Barbie movie, looks like studios have set their sights on other classic toy-themed movies…

Meanwhile, in political news…

So much in the news lately that you can be forgiven for missing the fact that aliens have apparently been visiting Earth for quite a while, and authorities have known all about it – and covered it up.


Is this true?  Well, I suppose only time – or a full-scale invasion will tell.

Speaking of news, got the call today that the next round of digital SG-1 transfers (Good to Be King and Revisions) are ready for pick up.  I’ll get them hopefully early next week and will be turning around  a new set of outtakes in no time!


5 thoughts on “July 27, 2023: News of Note!

  1. Shhhh, you’ll will them into existence! Already inundated with “Barbie” here and the glut of “TMNT” and its marketing machine is coming…

  2. Just saw that The CW streaming service here in America has picked up Dark Matter. Any chance that might lead to more episodes? Please don’t spend all the money they send you in one place.

  3. Meanwhile, and seriously, I have given up on the “Dragonriders of Pern” film /TV efforts. Nothing could match McCaffrey’s original novels.

  4. Hey Joe you should put together a new cooking show where everyone uses an Easy Bake Oven. I LOVED mine when I was a kid! The light bulb inside gets really hot and cooked great cookies, brownies, and cakes! The Oven was so much fun It helped start my lifelong dieting/weight loss rollercoaster journey.

  5. I’ve heard mixed things about the Barbie movie. I’ll wait until it’s on Max before I watch.

    Hopefully, the lite bright movie will never get off the ground.

    Yay for more out takes!

    Have a great weekend!

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