Finally completed the business plan for that horror movie.  It, and the budget top sheet, have gone to investors.  And now…

Sis was in town for a whirlwind tour.  And the Pink concert.  We hit Currish Tavern and Bar Raval for lunch but, sadly, she didn’t get to sample the smash burgers at Matty’s Patty’s.  Maybe next trip!

Today, it was thai lunch at Kiin with Jamie Anderson (son of Gerry!) and his writing partner, Stu who were passing through town on their way from SDCC to parts unknown.

Two more Golfing-through-the-Stargate takes…

Today’s Yes/No…


3 thoughts on “July 25, 2023: Stargate, sundry lunches, and Yes/No!

  1. Glad you got to spend some time with your sister Andria!
    I hope you told her we all said hi!
    (where are the pictures?!)
    (you know we like pictures of food and family!)

  2. Love the out takes!

    So glad you had a nice time with your Sis. Better luck on the smash burgers next time!

    Hope your week goes great!

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