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2 thoughts on “July 24, 2023: Unusual Deaths and Pizza!

  1. Well, I hate to “say” I’m enjoying these Unusual Death posts but I do love Morbid. It iISsad knowing these were real people that met a bad end. One of us might make our way on to that list one day. One of us could be “hit with a toilet seat that fell from an airplane”. 😨

    Have you seen this “X” account: Morbid Knowledge @Morbidful ? It’s another guilty pleasure of mine. Interesting stories but some of them are emotionally difficult to read. .

    On a positive note: How did your Sis visit go? Did all of you eat your way through Toronto?

    1. Did two lunches with my sis, but she missed out on smashburgers. Maybe next trip.

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