Looks like several days of heavy eating ahead.

My sister gets into town today.  We have lunch plans tomorrow (Indian) and Monday (Spanish) and may squeeze in some burgers tonight if she isn’t too tired.

Tomorrow, an old friend flies in from Ottawa for the day so we have dinner plans with her tomorrow (Chinese).

Then on Tuesday, Jamie Anderson (son of Gerry!) has a one-day stopover in town with his writing partner as they head back home from SDCC, so we may do lunch and/or dinner (burgers? tacos? pizza?)

Meanwhile, I’ve got my work cut out for me this weekend.  Having received input from two lawyers, I’m finishing up the business plan for my horror film this weekend.  It finally goes out to investors this week.  Also…

I already have a title.  In fact, I have several titles.  But I don’t really love any of them.  I want something quick and clever that reflects the tone and premise.  Easier said than done.

Today’s Yes/No…

Is an obvious yes for me, although I’d prefer to go with another maker like, say, Piano Piano up on Harbord that does a delicious version called the Sweet Hornet that includes sausage, chili oil, black olives, and honey.

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