7 thoughts on “July 21, 2023: BTS on Window of Opportunity!

  1. M&Ms-stuffed donuts? Those would have been a boon in college years, 45ish (!) years ago…

  2. Love those outtakes! My hubby asked if you had to get permission from MGM to post these gems? Also, what kept the golf ball from ricocheting back into their faces?

    On the donut: Do you know what the moms from my son’s school called M & M’s? Mommy Meth. I will indulge in a stuffed donut on occasion but usually it’s filled with custard, or jelly not candy. Now, I’m hungry.

    Any big plans today? The only plans I have is to get a few miles on the treadmill and to pick up pine needle bales from Lowe’s. Then, I might get a post prandial nap in (🤞🏼).

    We were planning a Zoo trip in Memphis but we had bad storms this week. Memphis has huge trees and with the storms, they are dealing with power outages from downed trees. Yes, I think a nap is a better plan for today.

  3. so many good ideas in thi ssep!. The golf scene was one of the best! (and a recuring idea…John Sheppard in Atlantis…)

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