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5 thoughts on “June 30, 2023: The Friday Edition!

  1. The Columbo notes reminds me of Futurama. Do you remember when they canceled the show for the first time? When Futurama came back they roasted the network. The Torgo Executive Powder. For those of you that haven’t watched Futurama, here’s what Torgo powder was:
    “Torgo’s Executive Powder is a fine pink powder derived from high-ranking people at various organizations, notably the Box Delivery Network, which canceled the license of Planet Express in 3005. The powder is obtained by first beating said executives to a pulp, then grinding the remains until it resembles a dry powder. Despite general stoicism toward death in the future, even this is apparently seen as an extreme “punishment.

    Ah, now I need to see the Westphalia Ripple5!

    Thank God it’s Saturday! I still have to clean and move things back after our new floor installation but the house is functional.

    I mowed yesterday early morning. It got up to 110F heat index and I even though I started before it reached the peak temp, I was still a big woozy afterwards. I’m glad to have that over with.

    Yesterday was my Bday. I can’t believe I’m pushing 60. Not quite there but soon. All too soon. 🤨

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

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