A few that caught my eye this week…

She-Hulk #14 – cover art by Derrick Chew

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #3 – cover art by Carmen Camero

The Amazing Spider-Man #28 – cover art by Lucas Werneck

Vampirella vs The Superpowers #2 – cover art by Rebeca Puebla

Action Comics #1056 – cover art by Steve Beach

Detective Comics #1073 – cover art by Evan Cagle

Harley Quinn #31 – cover art by Jenny Frison

The Riddler: Year One #5 – cover art by Bruno Redondo

Tim Drake: Robin #10 – cover art by Nikola Cizmesija


Tim Drake: Robin #10 – cover art by Gleb Meinkov

Ninja Funk #1: Bolo’s Playground – cover art by David Mack

So, which were YOUR favorites?

2 thoughts on “June 28, 2023: Amazing Covers!

  1. That Vampirella cover is very cool, love the noir vibe. This is a good lead in to watching Nimona tonight, I haven’t read the comic, it looks teriffic. Not sure if I’m as ardent a Witcher fan anymore, or Black Mirror, my allegiance has switched to sci fi books, I’m at about a hundred read this year, granted some are just a couple hundred pages so I plow through them quckly, then of course I the algorithm recommends more. Haven’t read this much since college.

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