Yatta!  I am finally back in Toronto.  And look who came to meet me at the airport.  None other than Suji.  And Akemi tagged along!

As I was leaving Montreal, ending my 9 day shift in La Belle Province, my sister was clocking in from her vacation.  It’ll be back to the old grind for her and mom as they head back to work this week – and I batten down the hatches and focus on the business plan for my horror movie.  I also got news from my comic book agent that a publisher is interested in my far-future space adventure series a la Dark Matter, so I need to flesh out my pitch (overview, character and issue breakdowns).  But all that’s for another day.  Namely, tomorrow.

My mother has often been dismissive of the oddball curios she receives as gifts, derisively referring to them as “nick-nacks” – but that doesn’t stop her from keeping them.  Here are a few of the nickiest and nackiest that have adorned her basement shelves since time immemorial.

The genie lamp that’s really more Barbara Eden I Dream of Jeannie than Robin Williams Aladin.

As a kid, there was no worse gift than a decorative German wooden toy.

The Holy Grail of nick-nacks: The Royal Soup Tureen!

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3 thoughts on “May 16, 2023: Back Home!

  1. That is TOTALLY the “I Dream of Jeannie” lamp! I even immediately started humming the theme music before I even read your caption.

    That wooden soldier (?) toy is deeply unsettling. Like something that would be featured in an old episode of “Night Gallery” where it would come to life at night and splinter people to death.

  2. Just think how old the things are in your mom’s basement. Thats got to be worth some big money! Especially things reflecting a certain era in time.

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