One of my oldest friends is in town for a few days so we got together in advance of my trip to Montreal (where I will, in all likelihood, see him again).  Nigel is making a stopover in Toronto in advance of a stopover in Montreal and an eventual move to Lisbon, Portugal (not to be confused with Lisbon, Ohio, Lisbon, Missouri, or Lisbon, North Dakota).  His business has been taking him all over the world (Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico City) and looks like he’s finally about to settle down.  For time being anyway.

This is him beating me to the bill.

Today was my gal’s 18th birthday!  We celebrated with some hot chocolate (for me), cappuccino (for Akemi) and Kouign-Amman (for Suji and I).  Then, Akemi and I went out for Vietnamese and, of course, brought back some leftover brisker for Suji.  A late afternoon walk was followed by more treats, and then dinner – pan-fried chicken livers which Suji also enjoyed.  Akemi has been spending most of the day thanking everyone who has been leaving messages on suji’s IG page: @NewOldPugsuji

I continue to remain busy writing.  I working on the second issue of my soon-to-be-announced horror comic, writing a (rare-for-me) procedural pilot, while doing a very deep dive on the business of Indie filmmaking.  I’ve reached out to a few experienced hands for guidance as I educate myself and work towards putting together a proper business plan for investors.

Today’s Yes/No…

5 thoughts on “May 5, 2023: Festivities!

  1. I was mesmerized by that table you and Nigel were eating at. I was trying to figure out if those words on it were projected from above or below or just painted on, and what do they say. And the chair Nigel is sitting in is different too. Then I saw your picture of you two checking out and again I was mesmerized by the ceiling and all the hanging lights. Cool place!

    Happy Birthday Little Sweet Suji!!! (However it seems like everyday is her birthday celebration with all the special treatment she gets) Way to go Kid!

  2. Hi Nigel! It’s wonderful to visit with friends. I’m glad you two connected before his big move. Portugal sounds exciting!

    Ponytail<./b> Yes @Tam, how did your visit go with Joe’s mom yesterday?? LOL!!! 😂 It went extremely well! I came back with strawberries. I divided the 🍓with friends/family. So my neighbor, my SIL, my son and my sensei were very happy. Plus, it was Mom’s Bday week. She is 87 this year.

    Thanks for answering my question about the writer’s strike. I remain hopeful! Does this mean the L.A. trip is off for the senior adoption?

  3. Happy birthday, Suji! 18 years yet not a day over 10!

    Great big no on the Big Mac Tartare.

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