You know them from their work in film and television, but you may not b be familiar with the great books they have written. Here is a short thread of some of my favorite books by some very talented screenwriters.

2 thoughts on “Great Books By Screenwriters!

  1. A chili addiction?? Whaaaat? Not surprising to me that novel writers can be screenwriters too or vise versa. What surprised me, even to this day, is that 2 kids wrote Good Will Hunting then later starred in the very successful movie.

  2. Yay! Love it when you post your favorite book list. I’ve read “Sea of Rust” based on your recommendation and loved it! Did you read the prequel? “Day Zero” is very good, also. I have it on Audible and the narrator is excellent.

    “Marathon Man” the movie? I still remember the dental scene 😬. Is that in the book?

    I’m not familiar with the others but I’ll look into them. Thanks and Happy Suji Sunday!

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