Hoowee!  I came up with – in the words of Brad Wright – a positively grinchy idea for a new horror script.  I’m about 40 pages in, almost at the halfway mark, and loving it.  The plan is to have a rough first draft by next week, a second draft rewrite for the week after, some reader input I’ll use for a final revision, then send it out, sell it by May and be in production in the fall.  What do you think?

The New Horror movie soundtrack: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/79NCFqKfdEGQO1KkZSHkxL?si=1db624efa6804b81

Today’s Yes/No…

5 thoughts on “March 31, 2023: News of Note!

  1. My fingers are crossed that you’ll be busy with production this autumn. Does it lean towards a psychological thriller horror or towards a bloody slasher type? Any comedy? Darn it! It’ll be awhile before you can tell us. Looking forward to when you get the green light – I’m thinking positive.

  2. That horror script/pitch/production/show sounds like it will be smoooooth sailing! What could possibly go wrong?

  3. You have a good point with A.I. Some of the conversations with ChatGPT are alarming.

    Rogue players? I had the same thought about cloning. You know there’s at one country trying to clone humans. 😬

    Any hints on the new horror script you can share?

    How’s the computer doing? When you get bored, look at the Zenbooks. I love mine! I could never switch to Mac because I’d lose my tech support (son/hubby). Those Apple Geniuses don’t make house calls. 😉

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