4 thoughts on “March 28, 2023: Unusual Deaths!

  1. Truth is stranger than fiction. A few disturbing deaths you listed. Also, “Smoking Kills” but it usually takes longer than one night.

    I’ll put this on my watch list: The Conspiracy (2012)

    Also, I’m waiting for “Cocaine Bear” to go on sale. It lists the movie as Comedy/Horror. Is this an exception to your rule?

  2. How exactly do you pick someone to wield a spear from below a toilet seat? Sounds messy. I guess the point (heh) would be to strike before you got struck.

  3. One of my ancestors was a slaver and arms dealer, Captain Sueton S Grant. He owned several trading ships, but had given up all titles in Scotland (He had been a baron lord) to move to the young USA in 1735. One day, on inspecting his stock in the warehouse of a friend, a gunshot was fired. No bodies could be recovered after all of the gunpowder stored in said warehouse exploded and destroyed a small section of the wharf where it had once stood!

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