A few that caught my eye this week…


Hallow’s Eve #1 – cover art by Alex Ross


I Am Iron Man #1 – cover art by Adebotun, Akande


Spider-Man: Unforgiven #1 – cover art by Nic Klein


Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #1 – cover art by Celina


Unbreakable Red Sonja #4 – cover art by Giuseppe Matteoni


Unbreakable Red Sonja #4 – cover art by Lucio Parrillo


Action Comics #1052 – cover art by Steve Beach


Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City #5 – cover art by Abel


Harley Quinn #27 – cover art by Alex Garner


The Human Target #12 – cover art by Greg Smallwood


The Riddler: Year One #3 – cover art by Ben Oliver


King Spawn #20 – cover art by Mark Spears


Red Zone #1 – cover art by Mike Deodato Jr.

So, which were YOUR favorites?

7 thoughts on “March 1, 2023: Amazing Covers!

  1. Re Action Comics #1052: Who are the six secondary characters? I’m old and only recogyclassic Superman and Supergirl.

    1. Osul-Ra and Otho-Ra (twin brother and sister Phaelosian gladiators adopted by Superman and Lois), Kenan Kong (boy from Shaghai instilled with the powers of Superman by the Ministry of Self-Reliance), Natasha Irons (the second Steel after her uncle John Henry Irons), Jonathan Kent/Jon-El (Superman and Lois’s son, uses the name Superboy) and Conner Kent/Kon-El (combined clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, also uses the name Superboy).

    2. Otho-Ra, Osul-Ra, Kenan Kong, Natasha Irons (Steel), Jonathan Kent/Jon-El (Superboy) and Conner Kent/Kon-El (also Superboy).

    3. The duplicate comments are because my comments were going to Joe’s spam for mysterious reasons. I just told him about it on Twitter and he recovered them.

  2. The only thing not to like about that Human Target cover is that it’s the last issue of the series.

  3. For a moment I thought the heading image was a spoof of the poster for the new Gotham Knights TV show, giving the characters animal heads.

  4. At first I thought the heading image was a spoof of the poster for the new Gotham Knights TV show, with the characters’ faces replaced by animal heads.

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