We’re considering adopting.

Of course it should go without saying – no, not a human.  I mean, we all saw the movie The Orphan and know how that ends up.  We’re considering adding another pug to the household – a rescue.  We figure it would liven Suji up and maybe motivate her to get out of bed (to bite her new sister’s furry butt).  Also, Akemi has been smitten –

Cricket-1 Cricket2 Cricket3

Her name is Cricket (which Akemi finds hard to pronounce so she’s lobbying for a name change) and she certainly does have a unique look.  Apparently, she’s blind and weighs a mere 7 lbs.  The only issue is she’s in L.A.  In a perfect world, Akemi and I would both fly over to meet her, then fly her back home – but given Suji’s present high-maintenance state, we can’t really leave her.  With anyone.  So I guess either I make the trip alone – or if anyone in the L.A. area is making the trip to Toronto, let me know!  In the meantime, we’re looking into it…

Img_0706 Img_0707

Finally tried out Wonton Hut just around the block (and up three blocks, then around the block and one more block over) from our place.  I went brisket and thin noodle soup with a generous dollop of chili-garlic sauce while Akemi opted for the classic shrimp & pork wonton soup.  Both bowls were great and the service was terrific.


Then, on the way home, we stopped off at Nord Lyon for the new addition to their pastry lineup – an insanely delicious pistachio and chocolate confection.  So light, I could have eaten three – and would have had Akemi not been there to keep me from doing so.


Shout-out to their equally fantastic Tres Leches.

Okay, things moving along on the project front.  Re-re-re-re-re-revised the pilot for that kpop/sci-fi mash-up and now looking to write up the overview for the android murder mystery.  Sent off a revised game plan for a comic book pitch, restructuring the story for a 6 issue arc, and awaiting word on artist approval for a horror comic.  Zoom discussion today on that globetrotting action-adventure series.  Looks like I’ll be fleshing out the overview and giving the pilot another re-read.  Had a zoom chat about that small town mystery series earlier this week, and another chat with my old partner in misery, and one of my favorite German, Alexander Ruemelin about a project we’ll hopefully be working on together.  I have a slew of material to review for that video game.  And tomorrow I have lunch with a science fiction author about a possible adaptation of one of his novels.  As always, it seems like a lot on my plate, but the truth is it’s all a bunch of promising busy work until something gets green lit.

Today’s Yes/No…

13 thoughts on “February 27, 2023: Pugs, projects, and pistachio pastry!

  1. How exiting!! Hoping “Cricket” can find her way to live with you and Akemi. That would be another lucky dog hitting the jackpot of a loving forever home. I personally think if you change her name it should be to something that sounds like Cricket. Like KeeKee, for example. I’m sure Akemi will come up with something cute!

    I’ll take some of that brisket and thin noodle soup too. It looks great. Hope it doesn’t do a number on your stomach. The desserts looks fantastic! I eat a handful of pistachio nuts almost every night. I’ve heard eaten daily they can be poisonous. Have you ever heard that? I need to update my Will…

    ALL your projects sound so interesting. Good luck!!

  2. She’s adorable! At first I thought her pics were edited. What a girl she is.

    Good luck!

    Also, both the brisket and pistachio are speaking to me. “EAT!!”

    Missing Lil Sujiko, but happy she may get a sweet little sister. 💖🐕🐕💖

  3. Yes, Suji needs someone to boss around! Cricket’s eyes are a bit disconcerting but I bet she’d thrive under Akemi’s TLC. Good luck with the adoption! That means a flight and I know you don’t like those. ☹️

    The food looks amazing! I’ve decided I need more pistachios in my life. We don’t have pistachio desserts down here.

  4. All animals deserve good homes. How old is Cricket?

    Glad to hear the K-pop scifi series and android murder mystery show are still in the wings, they sound original. I also hope your comic book efforts are successful, especially since if they are then the publisher might be interested in greenlighting more projects from you including Dark Matter. A novel adaptation is interesting; I take it it’s not the Powder Mage series you mentioned before.

    1. Not sure. She definitely has eye issues. I’ve inquired but have yet to hear back.

  5. She does have quite the eyes. Hopefully things work out.

    Did Alexander work with you on that Series That Shall Not Be Named? The name does sound familiar.

    1. He did! And the friendship we developed was the only good thing about that experience.

  6. I wish I still lived in LA, would have been the perfect excuse for another Toronto visit.

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