My new agent requested my latest headshot.  Latest headshot?  I think the last professional photo taken of me was for a magazine feature back in 2007.  So I scoured my computer and unearthed the following.  YOU choose!

1-1 2 Img_0080 Img_1388 Img_2620 Img_6879 Img_7348 Img_7658 Img_8266 Img_e0366 Img_e4796

So, what’ll it be?


Today’s Yes/No…

13 thoughts on “Saturday, February 11, 2023: The Saturday Report!

  1. Headshot? How about your last passport photo…or a new one. You should show off the distinguished silvering hair, perhaps with a scruffy artistic beard.

    I’m serious. I have received compliments for my multicolored “natural highlights” for two, no, three decades.

    1. All playfulness and snark bark aside. This is actually an excellent and very handsome photo of you two. xo

  2. The first picture has too much Dr. Evil (worth a million dollars). I would have thought you would have a picture of Priest Burger because I can relate to being there, but who wouldn’t like a picture of the little scene stealer. Am watching rebroadcast of Stargate SG-1. reading tne credits and didn’t realize how much RDA was involve with production.

  3. After much consideration, I think you should use the one with Suji and DO NOT cut her out. She is part of the charm of the picture and makes you look professional yet approachable and human. Plus you are obviously sitting in a writer’s room. So they know you’ve been there, done that.

  4. My vote goes to the first one. But I do wonder, was this before or after you “La’nched Ze Missiles !” As part of your diabolical plan to “zake ofer the world.” ? (I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big red button hidden on that console behind that chair.)

  5. The first one. You’re in a cool but work-related setting making an interesting pose.

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