Last full day in Montreal before I head back to my much-missed Toronto routine.  And Akemi and Suji of course.

Yesterday was mom’s birthday.  She took the day off from cooking, so we hit the West Island’s newest dim sum hot spot – Imperial Palace

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When dining out, we all have very different tastes.  Mom, for instance, prefers the shrimp dumplings, the noodles, deep fried calamari and spring rolls.  My sister opts for the fried shrimp, fried pork and shrimp dumplings, and the egg tarts.  I’m more of a turnip cake, barbecue pork bun, and chicken feet kinda guy.


Mom preparing her individually portioned friendship cakes for the gals at work.  Yes, work.  She’s 89 but still goes to work three days a week.


One of the neighbors gifted mom a half dozen eggplants.

Img_0546 Img_0545 Img_0548 Img_0547 Img_0553

And today, it was a birthday lunch with the ladies from work.  And me (not pictured).

By the time dinner rolls around, I am feeling less than ravenous so I usually opt for a couple of eggs and some yogurt, honey, and blueberries for dessert.


This yogurt is a game-changer.  That’s a glorious 11% of full fat deliciousness.  It’s the highest I’ve been able to find.  Do you think I can do better?

Img_0568 Img_0569

Oh, hey, look at what sits on mom’s basement bookshelf.  It’s Latin for the Novice by Joseph Mallozzi, Ph.D!

Today’s Yes/No…


9 thoughts on “February 9, 2023: Mom’s 89th Birthday Bash!

  1. Full fat yogurt is very awesome!

    The food looks amazing!

    Your Mom= Forever Young!

    Did you know in England they call Eggplant Aubergine?

  2. Looks like your mom had a great day. Her office lunch party with her kids joining her is sweet. Her individually friendship cakes would have been a huge hit at my office. Glad she had a great 89th birthday with her children and friends. And here’s to many more!

    Again, Happy Birthday Mrs. Mallozzi!

  3. Happy birthday to your mum! Next year is gonna be a big one! I’m ready to retire right now. I can’t imagine wanting to work until I’m 89!

    I’m sure Akemi would be keen to try making her own yogurt. If she uses at least 30% fat cream instead of milk I’m sure she’d be able to get the fat content right up! Although when does it switch from being yogurt to being cultured butter?

    I didn’t realise Latin For The Novice contained actual Latin! I assumed it was a blank prop! Now I really want a copy! Found it:

  4. Man, if I ate your diet,,,I’d be dead…(diabetic, T2,,)…but I discovered a few years ago that the keto diet(50 gms/day of all carbs, not just sugar)…works very well at controlling my B.S. levels (with the life extending drug, metformin)…from my readings it appears that possibly as much as 40% of the human population might find high carb diets to be toxic over the long term,, I guess that’s the percentage of the population that, given another million years of divergent evolution, would become, like cats, obligate carnivores…I wonder if then those descendents might end up preying on the vegan/vegetarian offshoots of homo sap?🤔🤨🤪

    1. Gary – You can only hope…. all these Vegans / Vegetarians are spoiling the menu’s at eateries in the UK !!!

  5. Looks like your Mom had a great birthday – good for her! Still going strong at 89! Lots of great eats, too.

  6. Glad you had a nice birthday celebration together!

    “I’m more of a turnip cake, barbecue pork bun, and chicken feet kinda guy.”

    I believe these chicken feet are mine! – Willow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Doppelgangland”

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