Getting back on the eating horse!  The other day, we joined our friend Dr. Blackjack for a visit to Curryish Tavern.

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The starters –

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The mains:
The dessert –
This meal was unreal – inventive and utterly delicious.  Best of all, only a 15 minute walk from our place!

2 thoughts on “A visit to Curryish Tavern!

  1. Since you don’t put the name of the dish right under it’s picture (hint,hint), in my mind I have to guess what I think it is. I am so simple minded and totally wrong all the time! Like that second picture I thought was Rib Tacos and the last one before dessert I thought was Liver and Onions! That dessert looks good! You’ll have to try the old “what is that over there!??” trick, and when Akemi looks that way, you steal some of her bites. Then maybe she’ll let you order two. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

  2. Wow, those dishes look fantastic and so creative! I hope your new meds were up to the challenges!

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