With three days to go until we travel to Montreal, I am STILL no on the mend.  The pill I was prescribed has helped address one of the symptoms – that feeling of indigestion an overwhelming night-time nausea that forces me to sleep propped up for most of the night.  But that weird feeling of heaviness on my stomach  lingers, as do the night sweats and an occasionally roiling stomach.  Trying to address…whatever this is…by taking in plenty of liquids – water, ginger tea, gatorade – and eating light and clean.  Tonight, it’ll be three scrambled eggs.   As per Akemi’s suggestion, I’ve been keeping a diet and discomfort diary, listing everything I’m eating along with a litany of ever evolving symptoms.  I do not look forward to potentially riding this out on my childhood twin bed, wedged in with Akemi and Suji for eight nights.

So, hopefully not being too sick is my holiday plan.  And yours?  Going somewhere?  Having people over?  Do tell.

If you celebrate Christmas and are planning on decorating your tree, here are the Top 10 Questionable Christmas Tree Ornaments I discovered on Amazon



  1. Pizza


  1. Blueberry Pie


  1. Golden Sewing Machine


  1. Blowfish


  1. Toilet Plunger


  1. Lasagna


  1. Ranch Dressing


  1. Nintendo Super NES Console


  1. Plague Doctor


12 thoughts on “December 17, 2022: Questionable Christmas Ornaments!

  1. Well, that does sound kind of like my experience with lactose intolerance.. After over a year of visiting the doctor and having a battery of tests, (including a CT colonography, ugh) he was about to give up because absolutely nothing wrong could be found. He off handed wondered if I might be lactose intolerant and sure enough.

    Not doing anything too special here, not really feeling in the Christmas mood at all. Probably will go visit my brother in NS afterward if the weather is okay.

  2. Akemi deserves the title “Dr. Wife.” A diet /reaction diary will give you clues about possible food intolerances. Note: Food reactions may appear 1–2 days after you eat the trigger food.

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  4. Does your doctor know about your night sweats and your stomach feeling heavy? You may want to check with him. They could be related to your heart.
    I hope you are better soon so you can enjoy your Christmas!

  5. I’m pretty sure my son has pizza ornaments on his tree. He’s VP of Operations for the local Marco’s Pizza management organization. And I think that lasagna one would go well with the pizza ornament.

    I should talk, though. I have Dr. Who Weeping Angels all over my tree.

    Hope you get to feeling better for your trip to Mom’s house!

  6. Sorry your new medication didn’t do the trick for you. What does Akemi put in your ginger tea to make it drinkable? I have some that needs drinking but I just can’t do it – it’s so bad tasting.
    Does your mom have a cot you could set up by your Charlie Brown bed? Or a blow-up mattress. I’ll be staying home for Christmas dreaming of a new car.

  7. This one still tops my fav list of questionable Christmas Tree trimmings.
    The Poop Emoji ornament.

    Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling too well.
    Really hate to say it, but sounds like you may need
    colonoscopy & endoscopy to check for minor ulceration.
    Don’t panic. I’m sure if you request it
    they can sedate you and do both at the same time.
    Also, if it is minor ulcer it just means they need to change
    your pump inhibitor meds.
    Hang in there. I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of this
    and you’ll be feeling better before too long.

    Extra hugs to Mama Mallozzi from your big mouth greek blog sib.
    Please tell her I said thanks again for agreeing to do all the videos.
    They definitely cheered me up on my worst days. xo

    As for me, because we had to reduce dosage/amount of time per session with the more aggressive therapies it means more sessions for this round. I was invited to a couple holiday parties and Christmas dinner but will probably spend Christmas eve and day resting and watching movies. Albeit, at least the therapies are working and everyone is still optimistic I’ll be declared cancer free by mid January.
    Very much looking forward to that.

    Much Love and Merry Christmas To All. xo

  8. I’ve just arrived in Tasmania for a three week stay. The weather’s looking pretty good for the next week. High-teens to low twenties (Celsius) and dry. Lots of work to do in the garden. Sadly my partner has just tested positive for Covid (for the first time!) so I’ll be avoiding her for a few days and slipping meals through a gap in the door, prison style. I don’t want to get it. I’ve got stuff I need to do!

    Hope the digestive problems improve! Knowing the spread your mum likes to put on, you want to be in peak eating form!

  9. I’m sorry the symptoms are not clearing up completely. It sounds like Akemi is taking good care of you. Is there a chair at your mom’s you can sleep in, just in case?
    Oh and do you have another Dr’s appointment scheduled?
    I hope the trip goes well for you. Suji will certainly keep busy bossing everyone around. 🙂

    As for our plans, Thursday, my son and I are heading to my mom’s house for the day. I hope it goes well. The temps are supposed to be down to 18F (below freezing) and it’s going to rain. We’ll pack an overnight bag to be on the safe side. I’m hoping to either take her to lunch. We’ll drop off Christmas presents and head back home. At least, that’s the plan.

    Our Christmas is going to be a work/play thing. Part of my Christmas present is hubby/son are tiling my laundry room floor. They’ll have plenty of play time in between waiting for things to dry & such. I’m actually proficient mixing up mortar/grout. Hubby just had to explain “mix it the consistency of buttercream”. With the mortar drill attachment, it’s easy.

    Safe travels Everyone!

  10. Don’t mean to freak you out but have you been checked for pancreatic cancer? Get a CT Scan with Oral and IV Contrast,

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