In the interest of ensuring Stargate fandom has access to all available materials before I call it a wrap, I’m going to be dedicating future blog entries to uploading all of the behind the scenes materials I amassed over my time on the franchise – and other materials I gathered thanks to longtime Gateworld co-architect (and present host of Dial the Gate on youtube) David Read.

Kicking this off with Stargate: SG-1 “Children of the Gods” concept art…

0014_3_lg Chulak-city-concept-art-6  Chulak-original-artwork-2 Chulak-original-artwork-3  Chulak-original-artwork-5 Dhd-concept Fa_0078-2 Fa_0078-6 Fa_0078-7 Fa_0078-8 Fa_0078-9 Fa_0078-12 Fa_0081-5 Fa_0084-1 Fa_0084-2 Fa_0084-3 Fa-0128-1 Fa-0128-2 Fa-0129-1 Fa-0129-3 Fa-0130-1 Fa-0130-3 Fa-0130-4 Fa-0130-5 Fa-0130 Fa-0239-3 Ffe004e1-8829-4a26-a5ca-ec45b9a9407f Jaffa-costume Malp-artwork-and-plans New-malp-concept-art-2 New-malp-concept-art-3 New-malp-concept-art-4 New-malp-concept-art-5 Sg1-2a-pilot Sg1-3a-pilot Sg1-4a-pilot Sg1-5a-pilot Sg1-artwork3 Sg1pi15 Sg3_10253 Sg3_10260 Sg3_10261 Sg3_10270 Sg3_10271 Sg4_10355_01 Sobek-jaffa-original-concept-art Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-02-54-587 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-03-00-676 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-38-40-733 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-38-46-465 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-38-54-914 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-42-39-422 Staples-scan10-23-2018_14-54-10-495 Teal-c-option-1 Teal-c-option-2 Teal-c-option-3 Teal-c-option-4


6 thoughts on “December 5, 2022: “Children of the Gods”

  1. Thanks for the all uploads. Why are you calling it “a wrap” in your opening sentence?

  2. It’s amazing how much talent and work goes in a television series. Thank you, for sharing a bit of that process.

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