The Funayurei are the restless souls of those lost at sea. They sail the night waters on ghost ships, determined to sink other vessels and drag their occupants down to a watery grave.
The Nure Onago, The Wet Girl, will appear near bodies of water, drenched from head to toe. Should you approach to check on her, she’ll follow you home and refuse to leave, stinking the place up with her mildewy scent. So, yes, exactly like having kids. Art by @matthewmeyerart
From a distance, you may mistake the Chōchin Kozō for just a typical teen boy out at night, strolling through the grounds of a former murder scene – but approach him and he will spin around to reveal his cherry-red face. Harmless, but loves a good scare. Art by @matthewmeyerart 

4 thoughts on “November 29, 2022: Your Final Guide to Weird Yokai!

  1. Final? Oh no! I’m going to miss those crazy yokai. I will think of them fondly, whenever I hear a noise in my house late at night, and wait to be killed.

  2. “but approach him and he will spin around to reveal his cherry-red face.”

    Doesn’t sound very scary. He could work as a Santa.

  3. That’s a lot of watery restless souls, more things to scare us away from the water. I rewatched Dispatches from Elsewhere and realized wh I’d bailed on the series, started on the very meta finale and gave up again. In another year I’ll wander into Elsewhere again and wonder why I never finished the show; the show is like a shiny sinkhole but I do like the cast.

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