5 thoughts on “November 28, 2022: Trivia Time!

  1. My favorite is “Drama Stick”. Where do you find all these facts? How do you have time to find all these facts?

    You know what facts I find fascinating? English words for groups of animals. A Murder of Crows, a Fever of Stingrays, a Raft of Turkeys, and etc. I found a list:https://animalsguru.com/animal-groups/ I wonder what Akemi would think of all of these names?

    Have you gotten used to your new phone yet? I’m leaning towards a 13, too. The 13 mini is the same size as my 8.

    I am wiped out today. The rain and bad weather are heading our way. I might sneak off for a nap. 🤔

  2. Your weird yokai showed up in one of my dreams. Fortunately, they were involved in just punishment for an evildoer.

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