The ugly, hairy, unkempt Nigawara is the horned manifestation of insincere laughter and forced amusement, usually found in board meetings or company picnics where bosses are at their most “hilarious”.


The Hajikkaki are said to be the spirits of individuals who died of embarrassment. They are so shy that they live underground and should you dig one up, you’ll risk the curse of a mortally embarrassing incident. Source @matthewmeyerart


The Onryō are vengeful spirits so consumed by their desire for revenge that they may cause large-scale collateral damage in pursuit of their quest – disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, or the Patriots winning another Super Bowl.


The Kamikiri is a yokai with scissor-like hands and a razor-sharp beak notorious for sneaking up on people and giving them unwelcome haircuts. They are said to stalk areas frequented by patrons with long hair – like urban neighborhoods of the Edo period and heavy metal concerts.


You’re strolling through your local red light district late at night when you heart it – a booming cackle. Look up and you’ll see her – a giant kimono-clad lacy with heavy make-up looming over you. She is a KeraKera Onna, the spirit of a woman who once worked the area.

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