Had a chat with Jay Firestone (President of Prodigy Pictures) about Dark Matter the other day.  The show has moved off Netflix and over to CW Seed which has the potential to be a very good thing – provided enough viewers check it out.  In an unlikely best case scenario, the show gets so many eyes on the platform that CW approaches us about more Dark Matter.  I still pretty good scenario would see moderate enough traffic coming to the platform to check out the show that, if and when the time comes and the network is approached about more Dark Matter, they may actually be receptive to the idea.  There are a couple of IF’s there, but the situation is certainly a lot more promising today than it was this time last year.

Of course the big question is IF we do get the go-ahead for more Dark Matter, what form would it take?  A full season would be unlikely – but ideal.  A wrap-up movie would be a stronger possibility.  Not my first choice, but I’d take it.  No, my first choice would be a 6-8 episode miniseries that would allow me to cover the alien invasion arc planned for the show’s fourth season.  And, if that miniseries does well, maybe we’d get a second that would, in turn, allow me to cover the android rebellion arc planned for the show’s fifth and final season.  In all of the aforementioned cases, rather than picking up the series were we left off, I’d look to do a 5 Years Later/Getting the Band Back Together storyline.  I do have a few ideas.

At this point, I wouldn’t say it looks promising – but it certainly looks interesting.  So, if you’re in the U.S. head on over to CW Seed and stream Dark Matter.  Let’s see if we can nudge things along.

But even in the event we can’t offer closure in the form of a movie, miniseries. or full season (or two), there are a couple of other options we discussed.

The first, and perhaps simplest, would be Dark Matter coming back in comic book form.  Appropriate given that the series actually launched as a comic book before its adaptation to the small screen.  I do like this idea in that it offers a creatively expansive alternative to completing our journey, one unconstrained by budgetary concerns or production realities.  Surprisingly, this wasn’t truly an option before, but it is now.

Another option which was floated – that was mentioned before but I never really warmed to – was the possibility of going the audio drama route for somewhere like Spotify.  In an ideal scenario, we would bring the entire cast back to reprise their roles.  In this case, we would be able to pick up our story directly on the heels of the season 3 cliffhanger.

Anyway, that’s the update.  No firm news but, suddenly, a few possibilities.

19 thoughts on “November 24, 2022: A Dark Matter update of sorts!

  1. Oh, wow! What brilliant news, however small the chances, it’s brilliant news!

  2. An audio series would be amazing!!! You could do all the story elements you wanted to do originally, with the extra benefit of having the actors lend their particular talents to the storytelling and characterizations. Honestly, I think that’s the best outcome, at least story-wise.

  3. All my appendages are crossed!

    A full season these days (on streamers, anyway) is 6-8 episodes. 24-32 hours of new Dark Matter over two mini-series would be amazing!

    A movie would be much more restrictive from a narrative point of view but could work just like Serenity wrapped up Firefly. But Dark Matter has a lot more threads to tie up than Firefly ever had.

    I’d read the comics just for closure but I’m not a comic book reader so it’s my least preferred medium.

    I’d listen the shit out of an audio drama! Not as good as a movie or series (and I reckon writing for audio requires some unique skills you’d have to learn!) but somewhat drops the budgetary shackles similar to comics and is much more accessible to a large audience than comics.

  4. I was wondering if a audio version was possible, not just for this but Star Gate also.

  5. I would enjoy any of these options. I am sure we would get the best possible option. I just hope it comes to be. Thank for the update. Hope lives on!

  6. Great news about new possible avenues for DM!

    I’m sorry you don’t love the 13 mini. I understand what you’re going. My first iPhone was an SE and it was the same size as the 5. When I had to upgrade to my 8, I really missed the smaller size of the SE, and the phone jack. I really miss that phone jack. 😔 I like the fingerprint reader in the newer phones, though. Pros and cons on everything.

    Did all the U.S. people have a good Thanksgiving? I went to my Mom’s and helped out. My brothers and I are going to cater her a smoked turkey meal for Christmas. At least, that’s the plan. 🤞🏼

    What’s everyone doing today? We have long weekend. I plan on a few short run/walks and I hope, naps. 👋🏼

  7. I would be worried that you’d be able to get everyone, all the actors, to come back, since they are busy with other projects. But I see Melissa O’Neil is on board! So go for it!… whatever “it” is!!

  8. How very exciting. This is pretty awesome news to me. Cautiously awesome, but fingers and toes are crossed and putting it out to the universe to make this happen. I have the CW app already (I like the Walker series–but have to catch up), so I’ll watch. We ditched Directv after being customers since 1995. It just got too expensive. We have so many streaming services that it covers all our needs for 66% less cost.

  9. A couple of miniseries to cover the planned arcs of Season 4 and Season 5 would be a lot more than nothing, but I would love it if there were two more full 13-episode seasons! Aim for the stars! (pun intended)

    Finishing as a comic book series, the way it started – but longer this time, isn’t a bad idea either, and would avoid set and VFX limitations and actor availability (no danger of Two, Three, Four, Six, the Android, Wexler, Five, or even One not being able to appear in illustrated form). You of course have experience in the form already. I’m heartened that it seems more possible now; can you please shed some light on that (if it’s legally allowed)?

    Although you didn’t warm to it before, I’ve always felt positively about the idea of audio dramas, since they involve the original cast and have no visual constraints. Besides Spotify, Big Finish is a great place that’s already worked with the teams for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Hopefully, you would be able to get everyone involved, even including Marc Bendavid (or if he can’t make it, Dan Jeannotte) in order to follow through your original plan to show that One faked his death and bring him back as an ally (and resolve that dangling loose thread – the Raza crew learned something was fishy about CEO van Hoeven but never pursued him after executing Corso).

    It has sucked that Dark Matter hasn’t had a continuation in any format at all, given that Firefly, which was cut even shorter, managed to have not only the movie but also ten comic book series (plus various one-shots) and eight prose novels since then and counting!

    Best of luck, and I’m actually feeling optimistic about a return by Dark Matter again!

  10. HEY!.
    We’re getting the band back togeher!

    F that.
    We’re just gonna kill EVERYONE!

    The Dark Matter weigh.
    The Dark Matter sway?
    The Dark Matter….you say?

  11. I would love to see not only the series return (with all the orignal actors) but also an official Dark Matter merchandise store with posts, autographed items and t-shirts, etc. I’m probably not the only one that feels that way!

    1. Seconded! Syfy not having the rights to do merchandising was unfortunately one of the reasons they cancelled it.

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