Added a couple of new projects to the rotation including a small town thriller that may or may not pan out but is all sorts of interesting.  Offered my take on the material and am now awaiting word.  In the meantime, delivered the first draft of that android murder master and have switched gears to a re-tweak of that sci-fi Kpop mash-up.  Also, hashing out an outline for that horror movie and delivering a new pass on the overview for that globe-trotting action-adventure series.  And, of course, have to turn around notes on that revised sci-fi pilot.  This week, I have a two zoom generals, one with a network, the other with a new comic book publisher.  The latter is especially intriguing as it offers up the freedom to pursue a variety of narratives and (hopefully) ensure I get to tell the entire story.

Well, looks like Toronto is heading into the deep freeze.  The weather has turned in a matter of days and, today, we got snow.  No one is thrilled, least of all Suji who now has to model her snowsuit.  It’s good stay indoors and write or watch horror movies weather.  However, I will brave the elements to grab dinner with actor Anthony Lemke tomorrow.  We’re doing Eastern European as per his request.

12 more featured yokai to go and I’ll hit 100, after which I will wrap up my Japanese spirit rundown.  Once I’m done, you’ll have to let me know which one was your favorite.

Today’s Yes/No…

Within the Serpent’s Grasp concept art –

11337130_850646358318558_453149316367281729_o Fa-0178_2 Fa-0178_3 Fa-0178_5 Fa-0297-4_zps64c50b30 Img_3179 Sg1_2_ep22 Sg1_4_ep22 Sg1_5_ep22 Sg1_6_ep22 Sg1_7_ep22 Sg1_8_ep22 Sg1_9_ep22 Sg1-bodyrestraintartwork1 Sg1pi7 Sg1pi9 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_13-58-17-195 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_13-58-43-509 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-11-53-620 Staples-scan-10-23-2018_15-18-41-911 Within-the-serpent-s-grasp2

5 thoughts on “November 15, 2022: Things on my plate! And goodies from the Stargate vault!

  1. “12 more featured yokai to go and I’ll hit 100, after which I will wrap up my Japanese spirit rundown. Once I’m done, you’ll have to let me know which one was your favorite.”

    I didn’t know there was going to be a test! I’m going to have bad dreams now. The one where I go to school for a test but haven’t been in months so I know nothing and I can’t find my room and I’m naked!!

  2. Good luck on your projects! Hopefully one of them gets the green light!

    Speaking of globe-trotting action-adventure, I’m rewatching Chuck at the moment. I love that show. They actually managed to find some sites in LA that could double for other countries. They did a lot with a very small budget.

    We’ve had a pretty miserable spring here in Melbourne. Very wet and cool. We’ve only had a couple of warm days. Hopefully it improves for summer!

  3. Your projects all sound imaginative and interesting; I hope people bite!

    100 is an appropriate number, given the ‘Hundred Devils Night Parade’ phenomenon.

  4. Is December usually a quiet month for your industry? In terms of meetings, deals, contracts, negotiations?

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