You spot a figure lurking behind your shoji, but when you slide open the door, there is no one there. Chances are you have just encountered a Kage Onna (Shadow Woman) and that your house may be haunted.  Art by @matthewmeyerart 


The Iso Onna appears as a beautiful woman with long dark hair, usually found along seasides. Should you approach her, she’ll emit a frightful shriek that will leave you stuned, allowing her to ensnare you with her hair and drag you into the ocean where she will drain your blood.


Evil spirits are unable to enter places secured by fuda, protective wards. Thus, they enlist the help of Fudakaeshi, spirits who specialize in convincing humans to remove the charms in exchange for rewards – that never materialize (as you’d know if you’d bothered to check their google reviews).


Gozu and Mezu (Ox-Head and Horse-Face) are animal-headed demon doormen of the underworld who may, occasionally, abandon their posts at the gates of Hell to chase down escaped souls. Art by @matthewmeyerart


A man finds a beautiful woman standing on his doorstep and marries her (cause why not?). Every day, she makes him a delicious bean soup – until he comes home and catches her urinating into the pot, thus revealing she is really a Hamaguri Nyobo, a clam that has taken human form. Art by @matthewmeyerart

Today’s Yes/No…

Who dares?

7 thoughts on “November 14, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokai!

  1. Yes I’m pretty sure if I spotted a shadow lurking anywhere in my house that was not mine, it would mean my house is haunted or I’m fixing to be killed. I’d have to get me one of those fudas.

  2. Hey, he asked for pea soup. That clam image is so disturbing, now I wonder what modern Yokai would be; he’d finding her getting a mysterious soup delivery from door dash, or her lash extensions turn out to be aliens who can control humans.

    Had great sopita for lunch, the perfect chicken broth with basil and carrots, with side of cheesy bread made from the bagel that time forgot, gouda, roasted peppers and more basil.

  3. Think you could handle three large reaper slices in thirty minutes, Joe?

    @Tam Hope everything went okay at your doctors appointment and the MRI results weren’t too bad.

  4. Been so busy here of late I almost forgot.

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Here’s to sixteen wonderful years and counting!

  5. Spaghetti carbonara with chicken and fontina- & prosciutto-stuffed pork chops from Carrabba’s.

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