Last night, I attended the White Truffle Supper Club dinner overseen by Chef Massimo Bruno.  I was tipped off by my foodie friend Natalie and, in turn, tipped off my food friend Dr. Blackjack.  The three of us, along with Natalie’s father, enjoyed an evening of truffle-themed plates…

The home made focaccia (not pictured).  Akemi was not in attendance because she’s not a fan of truffles (or cheese), so this is about the only thing she could have eaten on the night.


Burratta and tomato salad with truffles.  I’ve always been a big fan of burrata.  Akemi is more of a fiore di latte gal.


Polpette di Ricotta (fresh ricotta ball baked with white truffle honey).  This one was a hit with many and a few diners proclaimed it their favorite dish of the night.  Had a lot more character than the preceding cheese dish.


Wild mushrooms with truffle on arugula.  This one was fine.  I find that once you deep fry mushrooms, they really become hard to differentiate.  I’ve always preferred my wild mushrooms simply prepared: pan-fried with a little salt and butter.

Sea scallops with truffle cream.  Outstanding.  My favorite of the starters.


Risotto cacio e pepe and truffle.  And even better.  Loved the fact the grains were a little al dente.  My favorite dish of the night.


Pasta with butter, sage, and truffles.  I found the flavors muted on this one on the heels of the preceding two spectacular plates.


Harvet salad.  Doused with red wine vinegar.  This one was a punch to the throat.


Brasolo al’ Baralo. A rare non-truffle dish, but it was excellent never-the-less.  Slow-braised and incredibly tender.


Mashed potatoes with truffle.  Buttery great.


Polenta with truffles.  This one not so great.


Truffle tiramisu allo zabaione and truffle.  I’ve been of the long-held opinion that truffle and dessert don’t mix, and this tiramisu did nothing to change my mind.  Everyone else loved it however.

A good time was had by all.  And rather than uber, I opted for the 45 minute walk home.

3 thoughts on “November 12, 2022: White Truffle Supper Club!

  1. Well, they all look really good, even though I’m not sure I would enjoy some of them. The pasta with just butter, sage, and truffles seems like it would taste pretty flat.

  2. Well it all looks super good! I’m drooling. I love your food posts. Like old times. Now you just need to rant about something and we’d be back in business here!

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