Before entering the underworld, souls are met by the Datsue-ba, an elderly woman who strips off their clothes. Those who attempt to avoid this indignity by showing up naked have their skin stripped off instead. Thieves will also have their fingers broken for good measure.


The sea-dwelling Umi Bozu are so large that only their heads and shoulders peek over the surface on calm nights when they appear to spook sailors and smash their boats to bits. They apparently can’t stand tobacco. One more reason for you to take up smoking.


The Raiju (aka Thunder Beast) is composed of pure lightning. It rides the skies during thunderstorms, usually in the form of a dog or wolf, descending on tress and buildings, causing destruction and mayhem wherever it lands.


The Jikininki is a flesh-eating ghoul that hangs around temples at night or wherever it can grab a quick, freshly-deceased snack. Though not a threat to the living, they can nevertheless be a source of annoyance at funeral services.


The Umi Zato, Blind Man of the Sea, is an elderly giant who walks along the surface of the sea, tapping the area ahead of him with his cane to identify errant waves lest he trip over them. Somewhat temperamental, the Umi Zato have been known to capsize boats, so steer clear!

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7 thoughts on “November 10, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokai!

  1. Wow, the Datsue-ba hard core. I do have something in common with the Umi Bozu in that I can’t stand tobacco, either. The Jikininki seems like an environmentally friendly soul. No need to spend money on internment.

    These stories are fantastic! I can picture the Umi Zato with his tapping cane, too. Just amazing stories.

    I’m visiting a friend near Nashville, TN. The deer are everywhere. I have to be very watchful driving through the area.

    We’ve been eating constantly. Last night we had a reservation at a local seafood place. It’s the first time I’ve had paella and I would order it again. I’m not a big fan of the mussels, though. I think it’s Mexican tonight.

    👋🏼 I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

  2. Definitely enjoying these weird Yokai tales that just keep getting weirder and weirder.

    Hey, Joe? So I noticed a brief conversation on twitter between Brad Wright and SG fans.
    Brad mentioned he hasn’t been kept in the loop from MGM.

    If you chat with him sometime in next few weeks you might? casually suggest he tip his hat at Jonathan Glassner. It has been all but officially announced that Dean Devlin and his entertainment company have agreed to do a new SG movie. That Glassner works on a regular basis with Devlin, and is currently involved in Devlins latest production, he will more than likely be the one selected and talked into/convinced to handle the reins on any new SG series. While I’m sure Glassner isn’t at liberty to say anything about any upcoming plans, Brad could just send him a casual postal holiday greeting card or email saying hi at the holidays and mention he heard from fans that MGM/Amazon may have agreed to new SG and how much he is looking forward to it. Immediately followed by “Wow! Would absolutely love to be involved in any new small screen SG production if MGM were to see fit. Best time in my life!” End of brief note.

    This way -he will have at the very least thrown his hat directly in the ring And it lets Glassner know he’d be willing/happy to work with him again.

    1. Doesn’t really make sense. If this were true, the right thing for them to do would be to reach out to Brad.

      1. The “right thing” , yes. Of course, it would be the right thing to do.
        Albeit, you know that studio execs don’t always do the right thing when they are trying to make a profit on a sequel or reboot. They often go with new people who can appeal to the younger generation of viewers and back whoever makes the most financial sense to them.
        So, you really don’t think? if Devlin officially announces a new upcoming SG movie next year ( and I’m fairly certain there will be an announcement in 2023) that he won’t push to MGM/Amazon execs for Glassner to be in charge of getting any new small screen series off the ground?? Or that MGM and Glassner might not automatically reach out to Brad Wright about it ?- especially if the studio wants to take it in a new direction?

        All I’m suggesting is -It wouldn’t hurt for Brad Wright to send Jonathan Glassner a casual holiday card this year. If it turns out Glassner isn’t selected to take the reigns on a new series -So What?!
        He would simply have received a holiday card from a former colleague reminiscing about the good ole days on SG and daydreaming about the possibility of more good times in the future. Certainly the very brief note written on the inside of the card wouldn’t be worded in any such way as to imply Wright believes Glassner will have any hiring sway/influence on the new production.

  3. Ok. Well, whatever. Maybe your right and I just didnt think this one through.
    It was just a thought.
    As it is with many SG1-SGA fans I guess I’m just frustrated because I see where MGM/Amazon’s new plans are heading and fear without Brad Wrights guidance we the viewers will get stuck with something that mostly appeals to a younger generation audience and only offers the sparsely sprinkled in guest appearance of an original SG1 or SGA cast member as effort to appease the older generation.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your evening of White Truffles.

    1. I do agree with the disappointment in the direction at how it may all turn out.

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