Is your bride evasive about her past? Is she reluctant to let you spend time with her family? Is she a really good swimmer? Well consider the possibility you may have married a Kaeru Nyobuo, a frog that has taken human form in order to get hitched to a man.
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If you forget to close your butsudan (Buddhist Shrine) at night, you may be paid a visit by a Nuribotoke, defined by its onyx coloring, pot belly, tail, bad smell, and the fact that its eyeballs dangle out of its sockets like a diva’s earrings at a red carpet event.


There is perhaps no better representation of the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation than the Ashinaga-Tenaga, a collaborative effort between a creature with extremely long arms and a creature with extremely long legs who team up to wade into deep waters and snatch up fish.


The Sogenbi belongs to the illustrious line of fireball yokai known as Hi No Tama. A former monk who stole from his temple, he now faces punishment as a flaming disembodied head.
The Ubagabi is another type of fireball yokai (Hi No Tama). It manifests as the flaming head of an elderly woman that can fly around at about 3 miles per second. According to legend, if she peers over your shoulder, you will die within three years.
Speaking of horror…
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