If a poor old rice farmer dies, and his indolent child(ren) sell his land for booze money, and the new owner neglects the rice fields, THEN he will rise out of the mud to haunt the area as a Dorotabo – a zombie that will not rest until the land is sold to a more capable owner.


The Seto-Taisho is a tiny porcelain warrior comprised of chipped cups, broken porcelain, and pottery shards. Its head is a sake bottle, its legs spoons, and it roams the kitchen, spoiling for battle.  Spoiler: Shattering it will only cause it to inevitably reassemble.
If you’re walking along a riverbank, you may encounter a Shibaten, a bipedal cross between a monkey and a duck, who will challenge you to a wrestling match. Should you agree, you will lose all sense of time and spend the better part of the night being tossed about.
The Enko is a variety of water-dwelling Kappa. Simian in appearance, they mostly frequent rivers at night. Occasionally, if they’re feeling peckish, they may enjoy a human liver by reaching up through an unwary swimmer’s rectum and helping themselves.
On a rainy night, the Ame Onna may appear as a solitary old woman, drenched by the downpour. Under cover of darkness, she will steal newborn baby girls, leaving their despondent mothers to follow in her damp footsteps and become Ame Onna as well.   Art by Alessandra Baccaglini

3 thoughts on “October 13, 2022: Your Handy Guide to Weird Yokai!

  1. America’s version of Weird Yokai.

    This years U.S giant pumpkin contest winner weighed in at 2,560 lbs.
    (The pumpkin not the grower).
    It is said the pumpkin became so hungry and greedy over time
    it required a minimum 75 gallons water per day + 45 gallons daily Premium Miracle Grow plant food. And needed An extra large crane. A rented flat bed. and A hired heavy duty truck and experienced cargo driver to safely haul it out of garden and make the 1,900+ mile journey to the contest site. The grower had little choice but to take out an extremely high interest rate loan from a shady drug dealer/loan shark because the two hundred individual banks he petitioned all denied him the necessary funds. His wife left him and his already twice mortgaged home was eventually foreclosed on as he attempted to keep up with the sharks’ unreasonable rates. He is currently healing from two broken knee caps, busted ribs, severe skull fractures, and swollen shut eye due to not being able to repay the loan.
    Doctors say chances of a full recovery are slim.

    1. Criminey. In retrospect, it might have been easier to go the Little Shop of Horrors route and feed it his own blood.

  2. I’m a big “Weird Al” Yankovic fan. Every time I see a “Weird Yokai” post I see “Weird Yankovic” and think you’re writing a blog about Weird Al!

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