Morning stop-over at St.-Viateur Bagel. I picked up a sesame seed and poppy seed mix for Akemi and our neighbor, Kevin (by special request).


Final lunch: sweet cannelloni.


Homeward bound!

Akemi and Suji surprised me at the airport upon my arrival (I believe it was Suji’s idea).  I think I may have dislocated my shoulder lugging my bag back home as it was laden with bagels, taralli, biscotti, and TWO laptops – one for net surfing which I did use and one for writing which I did not use as I was unable to focus.  Tomorrow, I have three different projects to resume work on.  And also a Horror Marathon to resume!

6 thoughts on “October 11, 2022: Homeward Bound!

  1. Next time, to accommodate all the food you take back, carry on an empty bag and wear two layers of clothes. Hey, or maybe just keep some clothes at your mom’s house. Then you just take a mostly empty bag with you. And when Suji comes to pick you up, you can use some space in her stroller to cart it back to your apartment, saving your shoulder! Problem solved! See how smart I am!

    If I was your neighbor, I wonder what I would request you bring me back…… Hmmm….

  2. Your family has some wonderful cooks! Wish we could all go on a tasting tour.

    Two laptops? When you start traveling routinely again, you might want to invest in a newer computer that you can work and surf. If you have to have a dedicated net surfing machine, maybe consider a tablet.

    Glad you had a good visit. Thanks for all the pictures!

  3. Could you ask your Sis to share that pistachio cake recipe? It looked amazing! I’ve looked online but nothing comes up with that many layers of goodness.

  4. That is a small plane. LOL. Reminds me of the one they put Jeff, me and Patrick on after the airline screwed up our flight coming home from Jeff’s dad’s funeral. The flight was taking us from Newark, NJ airport to Philadelphia airport when we had a direct flight that stopped in Charlotte, NC but not needing to de-plane. Of course it was one seat each scattered throughout the plane. They asked for a someone or someones to give up their seats so that a caregiver for the person with a disability could be together. Still no one got up. The flight attendant finally said, “We cannot leave until someone or someones give up their seat so that the father and his disabled child can stay together.” The “cannot leave” got their attention. And then this delay caused us to be at the airport in Houston 6 hours later than we should and when we landed Patrick had a seizure in the middle of the airport and had to be transported to the hospital. What an ordeal. But what made us ultimately upset is that we shouldn’t have had to change our original flight in the first place. That was the first error of that airline (which I think is out of business now). LOL. If we ever fly with Patrick again it will be on a direct flight but when you all have to go up to a funeral and they didn’t give you bereavement fares any more, you tend to shop for the cheapest one you can find.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time. And I would like that receipe for the pistachio cake too.

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