I got up at 6:45 a.m. this morning.  To be honest, I was awake even earlier but opted to stay in bed in the hopes I could salvage maybe another hour’s sleep.  Alas, it was not to be.  Typical for a travel day.

After packing, I took Suji out for her morning constitutional (Last time I was away, she didn’t poop for three days!), then left the house at 8:00 a.m. with Akemi.  I have to say, one of the great things about living in the heart of downtown Toronto is that Billy Bishop Airport is only 15 minutes away on foot.  Door to gate, make it 25.

I’d opted for the digital boarding pass which always gives me no end of anxiety as I’ll often worry about accidentally deleting it or my five year old iPhone suddenly dying at check-in – but fortunately, on this occasion, security was a breeze.  I arrived 45 minutes early for my flight, so dedicated the time to twitter and stock research.

One hour later, I was on the ground in Montreal – well, Montreal’s West Island’s Dorval Airport where my sister picked me up enroute to mom’s.  It’s been over a year since I was last in town.


Mom and Sis with my early birthday gift.


I am particularly intrigued by that smoked duck in a  can.


Classic Prestige de Bourgogne and the Tomme Fruitée.


Cozze e Patate (Baked mussels and potatoes) – one of favorites.


The crab mousse.  Another mom specialty.


If there’s one dish I can be guaranteed to be served ever time I visit Montreal, it’s fried peppers.


I like them with bagels.  Note – these are actual bagels, not the bland imposter bread rounds sold in Toronto.


And, for dessert – Sis made pistachio cake.


“Oishikatta!”as the Japanese would say.

Sleeping in my childhood bedroom.

The dogs…

Img_2272 Img_2291 Img_2301




Img_2296 Img_2274


Img_2285 Img_2288



Everyone settled in for a post-lunch nap.  Very Italian of us.

Img_2303 Img_2315 Img_2318 Img_2320 Img_2324

Mom making taralli (Akemi’s favorite!).

I’ve done very little today, but am exhausted nevertheless (despite that mid-afternoon nap).  Going to take it easy tonight with a little smoked duck in a can.  Sounds weird but – who knows?

10 thoughts on “October 8, 2022: A Return to Montreal!

  1. Crab mousse!!! That’s the one I could not think of. Those potatoes look divine. You got your peppers! Andria’s pistachio cake looks wonderful. Can you take a piece back to Akemi along with a bag of taralli. (it’s a short trip) She did not come with you, correct? Someone has to stay with Princess Suji (as Tam Dixon calls her). Good to see all the dogs again. Andria looks great. And your mama is still going strong and looking so cute. There she is making her homemade Italian pasta! That is a lot of work that she makes look so easy! Please tell your mom and sister Happy Thanksgiving from us fans of theirs! And Akemi and Suji too… oh and you too Joe!

    Now, let me guess. Next you go to your favorite Montreal restaurants for a couple of meals and might even bring something in to supplement Mama’s side dishes for a meal or two. And please relax and enjoy your visit. Sleep well in your Charlie Brown bed. 🙂

    @Tam – No more lawyers for me unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Happy birthday and many more!

    I’d like to try that crab mousse, it sounds good. And, your bedsheets are perfect. Bruce and I love the Peanuts gang.

    I wish all of you a great visit.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Did someone say pistachio cake!? xo
    Can’t wait to see your moms famous T day full feast food pics.

    Quietly spent my birthday Thursday
    counting my blessings I survived everything I’ve endured last 12 months.
    Incredibly grateful for all the angels helping out along the way.
    Thanks so much to everyone that sent birthday wishes. xo

    Last full eval showed I responded extremely well to 1st targeted chemo cycle.
    The goal now is to strengthen my liver and immune system well enough
    to go for broke with more aggressive second round and be pronounced cancer free in time for the holidays. It’s all I want for Christmas this year.

    The new regimen, among other things, includes a gazillion higher end supplements and a strict super cancer foods diet, with absolutely no processed foods or fruits and vegies sprayed with pesticides. This means mostly shopping at farmers markets, Whole Foods, and health food stores. And wouldn’t ya know it? none of which are in walking/biking distance to my current residence. A major frickin’ !!##?!#!! schlep without a car!
    Labs this week show the regimen is definitely achieving the desired impacts.
    Albeit, it’s costing me $$hundreds$$ more per month than I have in employment income, state & federal, resources. Local cancer charities have been going above and beyond to help out but are operating on a tattered shoe string budget these days so they won’t be able to do much more. Very much appreciate anyone that can pitch in a bit for
    October-November. Paypal: dreacrysel@gmail.com https://bit.ly/3Ven2E7.

    Love n hugs to all xo

  4. So glad you got to go home to visit. Say hi to Andria and your mom and give hugs and kisses to the dogs too.

  5. Never heard of caramelized coffee rub before? Can’t imagine what dish you might use it on? Hope you’ll let us know what it tastes like when you try it.

  6. Soak up the love! The food looks wonderful and so does your family. Sorry that Akemi didn’t get to go. 👋🏼

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