4 thoughts on “September 18, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Ponytail I’m so sorry you went through that health crisis and very happy you’re feeling better! Sending prayers that doesn’t happen again. 🙏

    Great pictures of Suji!

    Good night everyone and I hope tomorrow is grand for all!

  2. Suji, always adorable. Wonderful to see she is still hanging in there and as always enjoying being spoiled. Is that little tan bowl in the previously posted homemade matcha cake pic another of Akemi’s latest pottery creations?? Hope she will allow you to share more of her creative new work as she goes along.

    Hi Gang. Thanks so much to everyone that sent notes of encouragement and well wishes these last several weeks. Apologies for long update delay. Have had to attend two funerals in two different states. That my former neighbor Marilyn specifically left written instructions with her son requesting I lead her eulogy I’m currently back in Florida for the second service. I had no idea she had made the request until her son called to inform me of her passing. Will post medical progress soon. Just need a chance to rest, catch my breath.

    In the meantime …
    @Ponytail Sending warm healing thoughts and gentle hugs. Relieved to hear you are ok and still with us. xo

    @Joe How’s your mom & sis? Did you manage to make trip home to Montreal for delayted b-day visit?

    @Gforce How’s feather baby doing? Did you eventually manage to get her a rescheduled specialist appointment?

    @Tam Very Glad to here you are getting to do something fun after all the stress you’ve been through of late. Have fun at Universal. xo

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