Akemi made focaccia today: garlic powder, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  Delicious.

Img_2195 Screen-shot-2022-09-16-at-35615-pm

She also made this ultra-dense, ultra bittersweet matcha cake with custard cream.  Also delicious.


 Came across this marvelous concept art from SG-1’s pilot episode, “Children of the Gods”.  How come we never saw more of the Jaffa bands jammin’ to the oldies?  Cartego Choo Choo.  Jebanna 6-5000.  Mak’tal the Knife.

What nonsense is this?  Oh, it’s today’s Yes/No…

Man, this one’s reach.


Just came back from a very interesting discussion concerning a time travel project.  Let’s call this one…Project Time Travel!  Finished the first draft of Project Wolf.  Taking a few days away from it, then will give it a re-read this weekend with a mind to punching up it up before sending it to my agents next week.  Also next week – a zoom call to discuss the outline for Project Androids.  Meanwhile, I await further word on Project Sci-fi/Kpop, Project Big Ship, and Project Gunpowder.



Pleased to report that my Snow Monkeys have kicked off the new fantasy football season with wins across both leagues.  Is this the year they go both go undefeated?  Probably.

4 thoughts on “September 16, 2022: Akemi going bake-crazy!

  1. Even though I am on a diet, I still love torturing myself looking at what Akemi bakes. I’m going to need a bib for all the drool. I’ll take one Focaccia please!

    Good luck with all your Project This and Project That!

  2. Can’t have too much garlic; unless you’re a vampire, of course.

    Good point; old-timey courts would have music playing a lot.

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