I think I’m going to start profiling the more unusual yoke (Japanese folklore spirits) –

This seems like a lot…


A treasure trove from the Stargate wardrobe departments….

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Today’s Yes/No…


7 thoughts on “August 20, 2022: So much stuff!

  1. TCM shows marathons of older Japanese movies, many of which feature traditional depictions of various ghosts. I have always enjoyed them, although reading the subtitles can be difficult at times

    Awesome collection of costume concept artwork! Thanks so much for taking the time to post it.

    Yes to the Yakisoba dog, although my arteries probably wouldn’t survive more than one of them every few years. Carbolicious!

  2. Does Akemi believe in all the Japanese folklore spirits? They do make some pretty good creepy movies. It’s worth having to read subtitles for. I remember one movie where dead relatives “ooze” into pregnant women and are reborn. You can’t see this of course unless you have been hit on the head (or try to kill yourself) and suddenly can see dead souls everywhere. The family just think their baby has the same characteristics as, say, Uncle Henry. But these dead souls are everywhere, looking for pregnant women. Could this be true??

      1. Thanks for mentioning some of the more obscure yokai; I know there are a lot of oddball ones. One of my favorites is the futakuchi-onna, woman with a mouth in her hair. Then there’s the noppera-bō that was the inspiration for No-Face in Spirited Away and a trick in Pom Poko. My only complaint about Studio Ghibli’s movies is that there are only so many movies.

  3. As someone else who’s been through the frustration of having a show cancelled for arcane commercial reasons in such an indelicate way that it’s a poke in the eye to both the creators and the fanbase, I thought you and the other regulars here might appreciate this newsletter entry from Owen Dennis where he goes into the little he knows about why his spectacular show Infinity Train was recently removed from HBO Max: https://owendennis.substack.com/p/so-uh-whats-going-on-with-infinity


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