A few that caught my eye this week…

Jennifer Blood #10 – cover art by Tim Bradstreet


Vampirella: Year One #1 – cover art by Ergün Gündüz


Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 – cover art by Juni Ba


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #22 – cover art by W. Scott Forbes


The Amazing Spider-Man #6 – cover art by John Cassaday


The Amazing Spider-Man #6 – cover art by Humberto Ramos

The Variants #2 – cover art by Phil Noto


Something is Killing the Children #25 – cover art by Jenny Frison


Batman: Fortress #3 – cover art by Mico Suayan


Deathstroke Inc. #11 – cover art by Francesco Mattina


Swamp Thing #15 – cover art by Charlie Adlard


Spawn: The Scorched #8 – cover art by Puppeteer Lee


Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special – cover art by Aly Fell


Wrong Earth: Meat – cover art by Jamal Igle

So, which were YOUR favorites?

3 thoughts on “July 27, 2022: Amazing Covers!

  1. I like Swamp Thing and Spawned: The Scorched. They are all good but only those two struck a cord.

    It’s been busy here. I went to see my friend in Gallatin, TN last weekend. She has a beautiful house that is close to the city but with plenty of wildlife running around. With her indoor pool, movie room and backyard lake there was no need to go anywhere else. I’ve threatened to move into one of the many wasted spaces in the house without them knowing. Oh, and I bought my friend Train to Buscan and she loved it! Sitting in her little theatre, reclining in the easy chair, with many snacks/drinks, that’s the life!

    Send good thoughts to my Mom, please. Mom is 86 and sick with Covid. The dr started her on meds immediately. Mom’s phone is out, so I’m relying on updates from my brother that lives close by. With instructions to call me and I can drive over to care of her, if needed. So far, he says Mom’s feeling better. She’s having G.I. & cold symptoms. Sounds rough! 🤞🏻 I have my bag packed, just in case.

    1. I was supposed to head to Montreal this weekend but my 85 year old mom just came down with covid as well.
      Wishing both our mothers a speedy recovery!

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