Okay, horror movies fans…

Ringu – I remember watching and being wowed by a genuinely scary horror movie with an original premise.  A true rarity.

Scream – The greatest tribute to horror cinema.

The Descent – This one was terrifying.  And that ending!

Train to Busan – Best Zombie Movie Ever.

Death Proof – The most self-indulgent and talky horror movie ever.

Funny Games – The equivalent to the “It was all a dream” short story you wrote for Mrs. Haversham’s grade 2 English class.

Haute Tension (High Tension) – The “clever twist” doesn’t make any sense.

Us – Overrated

Audition – A slow build to an ending so horrific that some in attendance at the New York premiere actually walked out.

Inside – A cut above your average slasher flick.

The Orphanage – Kids are spooky.

A Tale of Two Sisters – Both chilling and clever.

Today’s Yes/No…

4 thoughts on “May 19, 2022: Weigh in with your horror thoughts!

  1. I’m mostly a fan of ’80s slasher films because that’s what I grew up watching. “The Exorcist” is my favourite horror, though. Still gives me chills when I watch it.

    I haven’t seen any of the films on your lists other than “Scream”. I really should force myself to watch more foreign films. “Train To Busan” is on Netflix so I have no excuse.

  2. I’d have to agree with your choice “Train to Busan”. You recommended it ages ago, and it rocks! Thanks for that. I did like “World War Z”, also.

    From yesterday, my favorite cover was Catwoman #43 – cover art by Jeff Dekal.

  3. I haven’t seen del Toro’s horror movies The Devil’s Backbone and Cronos yet. If you have, what did you think?

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