Headed into today’s zoom pitch like


It went well.  I think.  But, ultimately, the success of a pitch from a technical standpoint bears little relationship to the ultimate outcome.    Still, it was good practice to kick off the extended go and pony show, and now I have the rest of the week free and clear to, hopefully, complete a first draft of this feature.  Hit the 80 page mark this morning and, by my estimates, it’ll be 100 pages in total.  Give or take.  With the first draft done, I’ll set it aside for a few days while I immerse myself in 30’s era movies – Bonnie & Clyde, The Sting, Paper Moon, Road to Perdition.  I’ll start with these, my favorites, then expand to other films and a few books to immerse myself in the period and language, before returning to the script for a polish.  The plan is to send it out for feedback before doing another pass prior to sending it out to my agents.


Ready to curb your meat intake by roughly 75%?

Meat consumption must fall…

Qaim believes it is important to also consider on animal-based foods. “That’s certainly unpopular, especially since a 10 percent or 20 percent surcharge probably wouldn’t be enough, if it’s supposed to have a steering effect,” he says.

That’s some enthusiastic test-stabbing, no?

Apparently, this is perfectly normal…

Yet still strangely unsettling.

Big news, Stargate fans!  Circle this Saturday, April 25th at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on your calendars!

Let’s wrap things up with today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “April 26, 2022: Work, news of note, and the notoriously elusive Paul Mullie!

  1. Stoked on peeking behind the curtain.. They say Roddenberry was inspired by the Valient Thor convos.. I choose to believe Paul Mullie is really just from The Pegasus Galaxy, instead of a social media exile.. and u2 meet at the old Midway station and hammer out plots. #NotFooled

  2. Congrats on hitting 80 page mark. You deserve a trip to Nugateau for a pistachio eclair treat!

    Paul Mullie. “Saturday, April 25th” ????????!!!
    And According to Dial The Gate it is scheduled to take place Saturday, May 30th ??????
    Albeit, Mr Reed probably intended to type Saturday, April 30th.
    No one is going to tune in live to support Paul’s generous offering of appearing
    if they don’t know the actual date of the event.

    Good thing Elon Musk is poised to supply an edit button to all twitter users.
    I, for one, will much appreciate it. However, I’m sure I won’t at all enjoy the hassle of having to authenticate via phone text code or other means I am human every single time just to log on to twitter.
    Neither will the millions of users who use VPN (to keep advertisers, small time malicious hackers, and constant trackers at bay), who are currently already being mistaken for a spam bot on a regular basis.
    Once the model is changed it’s likely no one will have any small measure of identity privacy via utilizing VPN when they log on. Governments. Large and small companies. And certainly any malicious hackers, will know your precise location and your ISP anytime you log onto the service. This is a very big deal to me. I was the victim of identity theft a couple decades ago. It left me so traumatized and dealing with the fall out long enough that it took me until 2009 before I was willing to agree to become the public face of the NS101 100% free, open access, learning and sharing service and community. And, even then, I only agreed after certain protection measures were firmly put in place. You cannot even begin to imagine my anxiety levels when I realized over the last year that i would need to host ongoing medical fundraisers just to keep a reasonably safe roof over my head while trying to fight the returning cancer. (1/2)

  3. (2/2) I think Mr Musk, though I do believe his intentions are pure,
    is going to find owning a social media platform like Twitter is so much harder than he currently realizes and is so much more than a full time job. leaving him extremely little time and mental energy for Tesla or Space X or Boring Company or Neuralink.
    He has a seriously bad habit of spreading himself too thin. Something that has come back to bit him in the ass big time in recent years. For one thing, he is going to find himself being forced to testify, in person,
    before U.S congressional committees and E.U commissions a whole lot more often than he has ever previously suffered through. For another thing, He seems to wrongly think he is only going to lose 20% of current twitter followers in the first year. Unfortunately, more than a quarter of business users on twitter are struggling artists and individual ed tech creators who are currently only making pennies on the dollar who certainly won’t be able to afford to use the platform when he changes the model to paid subscription
    for all folks selling any and all products and services. They will simply move solely to Instagram, FB and other free platforms.

    Ultimately, the immediate risk here is, that Elon could all too easily lose both Tesla and Twitter within the first 24 months. The banks will own twitter once he defaults on the loans and then quickly turn around and sell it to that Saudi Arabian Prince who opposes him. Saudia Arabia would then own the service for less money than Elon paid and turn it into little more than a marketplace. A dedicated paid platform for businesses to push their goods and services.

    Still, although I have my doubts, I do wish him the best and hope somehow he does find a way to hang on to the platform. I believe Twitter is definitely worth saving and have enjoyed most of the last twelve years working with and getting to know the various educators and lifelong learners in the NS101 STEM and STEAM resource sharing community.

  4. So, on a basic subsistence farm, livestock are a hedge against a bad crop. If the grain harvest is a bit low, you slaughter an extra animal in the late winter and you don’t need to feed that animal anymore precious grain. It’s a solid strategy to coast through to one more spring, then the low production will take its toll. With such a global food market now, how much would this concept scale up to make it riskier to reduce the diversity of our food types?

    I was on a plane that seated everyone in the back. The woman next to me begged to move forward because we were in front of kids who were kicking our seats and screaming. The attendant resisted due to the need for weight in the back but gave in. I never asked to move because it takes way more than that to rattle me and I’m good balast.

    The plane came in for the landing very fast and the kids’ mom yelled for them to brace. During the landing, the plane felt floaty from side to side like it was on the verge of a fishtail that wouldn’t be recoverable. I didn’t know if the speed was to resist the fishtail or an error. It was terrifying.

    After the landing, the senior pilot announced that was the trainee’s check off flight expecting us to congratulate him. I was too rattled to look him in the eye on the way out.

    Wet potato chips sound like inside out fried taters, but at least you won’t splatter oil all over your stove.

  5. Flying on small shuttles yes, they move passengers around all the time and I try not to take it personally, though I imagine the pilots up there giggling as they play human chess. My favorite shuttle has a row of one seats and another of two seats and I only ever book the one seater row to be guaranteed not to have anyone next to me jabbing their elbows into my body. And on those there is a lot of people moving to get the plane balance right/human chess game to delight pilots.

    Somehow I missed The Little Drummer Girl series in 2018 and a few minutes in I’m hooked, Joh LeCarre doesn’t all age well but the little human foibles he zeroes in on are so good.

    My favorite 30’s films are the precode flapper ones like Golddiggers of 33 and 42 Street where the hard knock flapper girls are scraping by on sheer gumption. And of course My Man Godfrey which is so good.

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