With our friends Yael and Tanavi in town, Akemi and I joined Dr. Blackjack for a couple of meals.

First, lunch at Shook

Pxl_20220406_155819148 Pxl_20220406_161004495 Pxl_20220406_161541087

Stuffed smoked dates, mushroom kibbeh, wild mushroom couscous.  Not pictured: the best hummus in town.

Then, dinner at Antler

Pxl_20220406_222606175 Pxl_20220406_222701478 Pxl_20220406_222708382

The charcuterie board (the boar belly was sublime).  The Elk Tartare.  The duck hearts yakitori.


My cocktail.  The main ingredient = duck fat-washed whiskey!


The Game Burger (bison, venison, and wild boar)

Pxl_20220406_234031380 Pxl_20220406_234033833

Smoked chocolate mousse and maple cake.

Not surprisingly, I was NOT hungry for lunch today.

2 thoughts on “April 7, 2022: The rare culinary double-header!

  1. Good food, and good company. Life is good, yes?

    Did you recreate that script?

    Things have been busy here, too. We’re heading to Gatlinburg, TN this weekend. I hope to get good food/drinks there, as well. 🙋‍♀️

  2. Duck fat-washed whiskey? wtf!?? I don’t get the point? Did it taste like duck????
    Guess I must be out of touch with the latest whisky n whiskey trends since i had to give up consuming any alcohol when the ILC began seriously aggravating my old, previously not so difficult to manage, liver condition. Albeit, every now n again I do still find myself missing the wee nip. Especially yummy homemade cake deserts soaked in things like Baily’s irish cream or Di Saronno amaretto.

    On a happier note: Yesterday, a neighbor brought me a large fresh out of the oven soft baked dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie with cherries baked in. Gosh. It’s been ages since I’ve had one.
    Couldn’t finish the whole cookie but the few bites i successfully managed were heavenly.

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