Despite her inability to walk, her spirits are up.


She gets one outside walk in the morning and one carpet run in the afternoon in addition to occasional leg exercises and massages.


Hanging with her pal Totoro.


Misplaced her glasses again.


Sweet dreams.

Help a pug in need:

March 27, 2022: Suji Sunday!

6 thoughts on “March 27, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. She is such an inspiration… So much love from her.. I am so happy she is also loved just as much. Warms my heart!

  2. You can’t keep a good girl down! It’s nice to see her so loved.

    All that excitement with the Oscars and it still doesn’t make me want to watch it. Ricky Grevais was right. He posted what he would have said this year “I’d start with “Hello. I hope this show helps cheer up the ordinary people watching at home. If you’re unemployed for example, take some comfort in the fact that even if you had a job, your salary probably wouldn’t be as much as the goody bag all the actors have just been given.”
    “I’m proud to announce that this is the most diverse and progressive Oscars ever. Looking out I see people from all walks of life. Every demographic under the sun. Except poor people, obviously. Fuck them.”

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