Closing a deal on another sci-fi pilot this week.  Finishing up the third of three comic book pitches I’ll be sending out top of next week.  Tomorrow, it’s a Powder Mage strategy session.   Thursday, it’s a zoom chat with a genre-savvy studio exec.  Friday, it’s a business lunch to discuss a possible new collaboration followed by a call to discuss a project currently in development along with a potential comic adaptation.  And still impatiently awaiting word on two other projects.

Also, I need a haircut.

Today’s Yes/No…

More goodies from the Stargate vault!

Ep-16g-grace-scematic06 Ep-16g-grace-scematic07 Ep-18g-chimera-obsidian_tablet Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-117_1762_r1 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-117_1762 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-door-wrting Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0394 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0397 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0399 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0403 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0404 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-dscn0405 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-explo2 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-paw-set-3-persp Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-weapon-chair-fr-iso2 Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-weapon-chair-front Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-weapon-chair-rear Ep-19g-20g-lost-city-weapon-chair-side Ep-22g-resurrection-arc-bomb-lid Ep-22g-resurrection-arc-bomb Ep-22g-resurrection-scarabs

2 thoughts on “March 8, 2022: Oodles from the Stargate vault!

  1. Yay, that all sounds exciting, especially the Powder Mage series inching towards reality!

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