This is the second day in about a week I’ve almost forgotten to blog.  I mean, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I did – but it would be the end of my daily blogging streak that started way back in November of 2007.  So in the interest of not breaking with tradition, I’m taking time out from my late night youtube finance viewing to offer an update.



The expired spicy ramen Akemi asked me to taste so she could record my reaction – before finishing it off herself, resulting in “intense abdominal discomfort”.  I suppose it didn’t help that the noodles were two years past their expiration date.


Enjoying a stroll through Toronto’s distillery district before stopping for mediocre Mexican food.  Not pictured: absolutely everyone else smart enough to stay toasty-warm  indoors.



Don’t look now but look over here.  If it isn’t former Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer and Utopia Falls Line Producer Robbie David.  Akemi and I were in the neighborhood and invited ourselves over for the finest Taiwanese whisky I’ve ever had.


Me and my gal are slowly getting back into the restaurant swing of things – for better and/or worse.  The other day, it was Vietnamese.  Today it was sushi and tacos – but not at the same meal.

In less than two weeks, White Day will be upon us.  What means White Day?  Well, I’m glad you asked.


Akemi made it a point to remind me (several times) of the delicious chocolate cake she made me for Valentine’s Day.  How am I supposed to top that?

6 thoughts on “March 1, 2022: Whoa. Almost forgot. Again.

  1. Ah yes, I know of the White Day traditions in Japan because of the limited events for both Valentine’s and White Day on the handheld games in the Final Fantasy series.

  2. Re White Day: Don’t feel pressured to “top”, Joe. 😉. You’re a romantic of the first order; trust your instincts.

    But while you’re at it, do my husband a favor and send me a surprise on his behalf. He no longer drives, so there was no Valentine’s card this year. 🥺 (We’re together 24/7/365 now, so maybe it’s not needed.)

  3. Sushi, or near sashimi, tacos are good. Flash seared tuna on a small corn tortilla with Asian slaw and a wasabi crema are quite tasty and complex.

    As for the white obligation, coconut is white and makes a lovely cake or cream pie. Of course, there’s always platinum and diamonds…

  4. That cake will be hard to beat…. 🤔 Does the gift have to be food? You could book a trip to Japan. I mean, you can’t leave Suji but Akemi could go visit her relatives on her own.

  5. If you miss a blogging day it will really be a sign of the end times. Glad it got here under the wire!

    digs through cupboard to throw away expired ramen

  6. You could have forgot to blog because I forgot to look for a new post to read anyway.
    It’s called aging.

    Seeing that picture up there of Akemi with her phone real close to her face made me remember. I do that too when playing games on my phone. I asked my glaucoma doctor if that is bad for your eyes. He said no. It was okay. So there you go.

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