Lunar New Year’s Eve feast compliments of Chef Eva Chin in collaboration with Avling Kitchen (via Dr. BlackJack).  BC wild stripe shrimp toast, turnip cake, lo her rolls with root befits, wontons in bone broth (My favorite!), eight treasure congee, ling cod, roast duck, lunar rice cake, and sweet malted barley tonic.


For dessert: Kyoto Matcha Yuzu Cake from Bloom Cafe.


Then, for Lunar New Year’s Day lunch, we went to Lai Wah Heen for Peking duck.


Two courses.  Crispy skin with green onion, cucumber, and hoisin.


And duck meat in lettuce wraps.


And of course, what would dim sum be without chicken feet?


Recent purchase.  Despite the fact that Akemi has threatened to throw away all of my expired hot sauces, I picked up a few more.  According to Akemi, I can’t open them until I finish the bottles in the fridge…but how’s she gonna know?


We went to our local liquor store in search of sake only to discover nothing outside of a local brand.  Supply chain issues, no doubt.  Rather than go home empty-handed, I picked up these two bottles.  I’ve had the Basil Hayden before.  An excellent bourbon.  This will be my first armagnac.


So, how did you all celebrate?

5 thoughts on “February 3, 2022: My Lunar New Year Celebrations!

  1. Spent yesterday getting good news from a clinic, buying groceries*, and prepping for the freezing cold front that is now moving through South Texas.

    *Mr. McC goes through four gallons of milk a week, but the fridge can usually only fit two. Thank goodness we live in a major city with many groceries & convenience stores, as well as pickup & delivery services.

  2. You two certainly know how to live life large. That was an amazing looking meal!

    Thanks to JeffW, I know you’re not supposed to eat the toenails on chicken feet. Did you remember that?

    We’ll party this weekend by replacing toilet guts in my son’s house. 🙂 I might talk the boys into Chinese food, for Saturday’s lunch. 😋

    Basil Hayden? How was it? We tried a Basil Beer in Hot Springs, AR from a brewery and it was just too much basil.

  3. It’s the Year of the Tiger, like when I was born!

    Although this time it’s the water tiger, and I was born in the year of the fire tiger.

    Fun fact: my parents’ signs are Sheep and Ox, which the matchmaking chart says are “highly incompatible”. Which might be right.

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