Some news of note…

4th dose not good enough against omicrons Israeli study finds.

“The bottom line is that the vaccine is excellent against the Alpha and Delta [variants], for Omicron it’s not good enough,” she said.

More importantly, what exactly does this mean for the third dose (booster)?  If, as pfizer’s resident veterinary expert made clear, the first two shots offer little to any protection – and this Israeli study suggest the fourth dose doesn’t either, then what are the benefits of boosting?  Presumably everyone who gets boosted now will have to get boosted again when they come out with the new omicron-specific vaccine?


Are they stupid?  Or do they think WE’RE stupid?  Hard to say…

Distrust in political, media and business leaders sweeps the globe 

“A majority of people globally believe journalists (67%), government leaders (66%) and business executives (63%) are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”

The problem is…they’re not fucking good at it.

China claims omicron arrived in China via a letter from Toronto.

“After Beijing reported its first confirmed case of Omicron, officials in the city were quick to say that the patient had just received a letter from Toronto which may have been contaminated with the virus.”

Of course it had to be the letter.  How else could a highly contagious airborne virus have gotten into the country?

As the price of pork rises, people are turning to crocodile meat.

Not MY first go-to alternative, but apparently leaner than chicken.

Which brings us to today’s Yes/No…


11 thoughts on “January 18, 2022: News of Note!

  1. Boosters or not, useful or not, in the meantime, Pfizer has already made multi-billions from all those contracts.

    Friends in UK are telling me … It appears that soon all restrictions there will be lifted … at least the momentum seems to be heading that way as of late. Too many of their politicians are being caught with their pants down, breaking the rules, etc. More and more people are also questioning all those money making dodgy contracts made from this pandemic.

    1. Will be interesting to see what truths will be revealed about those dodgy contracts in time.

  2. I suspect we’re going to be playing COVID-19 variant Whack-a-Mole for quite a few years to come. Each vaccine resistant version will become the new prevalent version until everyone gets it or an updated vaccine is rolled out. Thankfully, the virus seems to get less deadly the more it mutates.

    I’ve had crocodile on pizza. It’s more of a novelty than an actual serious source of protein. Surely pigs are easier to breed than crocodiles!

  3. Do you remember when China announced the virus and then immediately finished several hospitals to handle their sick? How long does it take to build a hospital? We’ll never get the truth out of that government. Plus, from what I understand, Covid 19 is an airborne virus. So, it couldn’t have been a letter, right?

    Yes, on all your news links. I could post several from the US about officials partying or getting their hair done while they closed beauty shops. Remember, when health officials said that protesting didn’t spread the virus? That’s only certain protests though. Just sickening at this point about the hypocrisy.

    Unless, I need a booster for some kind of venue I’ll wait and get a yearly shot. I’m not high risk.

    No, on alligator but it would probably be like rubbery chicken. I’ve eaten frog legs when I was a kid and they tasted like chicken. One of my brothers was into eating the unusual (snakes, frogs, rabbits, etc). Now, he’s very picky and won’t try anything new. 🤷‍♀️

    For those in the USA, the free covid tests are available to sign up for. They aren’t highly accurate and it will probably be MONTHS before you receive them. Better than nothing though.

  4. News links for your consideration:

    Can you believe this guy made it past routine background checks to enter the country? I hope your country is a lot better at checking than ours: It’s also interesting to me that the FBI didn’t rescue the hostages. The Rabbi rescued them: After the hostages were recused, the gunman was shot by the FBI. Interesting…

    The timing is interesting on this, as well.

    1. Yes. Interesting how institutions back athletes speaking out against some things, but not others.
      That whole hostage scenario was a head scratcher to me, how he got into the country, how little info was revealed both during and after the fact, and how the hostages had to essentially free themselves.
      Yes, that IS interesting timing for old Boris.

  5. Here’s another one: Well, that’s not alarming. 🙄 “Specifically, the Federal Aviation Administration has been worried that 5G cellular antennas near some airports — not air travelers’ mobile devices — could throw off readings from some aircraft equipment designed to tell pilots how far they are from the ground.”

    1. Yes, was just tweeting about this. How is this a sudden problem. Surely, they must have foreseen the issue.

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