I finally started work on the as yet untitled feature.  And it’s long overdue.  It was around this time last year that I first planned to write it, beating out an outline, envisioning the individual scenes, and…nothing.  I ended up being distracted by…I don’t even remember what…and the script was set aside.  Until now.  Now, I’m going to push through, get through a few pages a day, lie in bed running the dialogue for my next scenes over and over until I get the rhythm down, and research the era in my uninspired downtime.  Ideally, I’d love to have a first draft done by spring but, as I’ve pointed out, I am easily distracted.

I am also easily chilled.  Today, we went out to pick up lunch and I was miserable in the cold.  Akemi suggested I didn’t wear enough layers but between my t-shirt, sweater, two uniqlo ultra-down jackets, and my Canada Goose coat, that’s five layers!  Throw in a hat, gloves, and boots, and I should be properly attired for a polar bear hunt.  I even wore a mask while walking outdoor, not because I feel I’m in danger of catching or spreading the virus while I’m in open air, but simply because it was warmer than not wearing one.  And yet, the second I step outside, my eyes start to tear and my tears subsequently freeze on my eyelashes.  Akemi, of course, is quick to point out my failings: “Your eyelashes are too long.” and “You need to wear johnlongs.”.  Maybe.  Or maybe I just shouldn’t be walking around outdoors in the dead of winter.

Tomorrow promises to be warmer which is good since I need to do a little more stocking up.  In the midst of this supply chain crisis, our clown Prime Minister has decided to ban all unvaccinated truck drivers from entering the country, thus assuredly exasperating the issue.

So, how are things in your neck of the woods?

A few little somethings from the Stargate vault…

Dna-resequencer Gravityactivator Lab Nirrti-s-lab-concept Nirrti-slab Rafael-s-hut Throne Village

13 thoughts on “January 15, 2022: Your eyelashes are too long!

  1. On the subject of eye aesthetics, was Jace Corso wearing guyliner something you wrote in your script or a decision the costume/makeup department made?

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these hauls of stunning concept artwork. I look forward to seeing them every week.

    As for the cold, try a large pair of sunglasses or even ski goggles to shield your eyes. If it is cold enough for your eyelashes to freeze with tears, you’ll look like the only smart guy on the street in your goggles. Also, make sure that there is air between the layers. That’s the key to staying warm. If you pack yourself tightly, you’ll freeze.

  3. This morning was brutally cold, so cold I had to climb back to bed.
    This afternoon wasn’t as brutal, but still brutal.
    I must not have been paying attention to your long eyelashes … and would love to see you in your johnlongs … LOL

  4. We were covid free here in Tasmania until the borders were opened 2 weeks before Christmas, and since then we have caught up with the rest of the world. We are now adjusting to wearing masks, getting tested and isolating if we have been close contacts of anyone with covid.
    Huge learning curve as we had all lived in a safe bubble for nearly 2 years.

  5. “johnlongs”? lol

    Everything here is peachy. Just f—ing peachy.

    (my language is bad because my mom is no longer here to slap me into next week for cursing)

  6. Do you think using Kickstarter for a “Dark Matter” movie could work? A Kickstarter movie of “Veronica Mars” led to another season of that show. I know sci fi is more expensive, but there a lot of us out here that would want to give it a go.

    Another possibility would be the fan owned company “Legion of M”. They are growing rapidly.

  7. We have snow here too. 🙁 It’s above freezing today, so I’m hoping for a big melt. 🤞🙏

    JohnLongs? 🙂 Unlike you, I’m not stepping foot outside today. Have you thought about something battery operated to warm you? (Get your mind out of the gutter. 😉 ) They have battery powered socks and gloves. My brother has the socks and a friend of mine has the gloves. They both love them. I wonder if they make a battery powered vest?

    Also, there’s a saying here: “Put on your man pants.” I used to tell my son that when he was hesitant about doing something. In which he would reply “I don’t have any man pants.” 🙂

    I’m pro-vax but anti-mandate. Yes, I agree with you about the truckers. I keep going back to Kat’s statement: “It’s f–king scary times.”

    Random thoughts: We really need to get a snow shovel. 🙄

  8. I don’t do man made materials in my winter gear anymore; leather boots, wool pea coat, wool scarf and beanie keep me toasty in 5 below fahrenheit. And the wool hat must have a pompom, it’s essential for keeping cold at bay. The bigger the pompom the warmer you’ll be.

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