Akemi is cheese-phobic.  So unreasonable is she in her aversion that she won’t allow me to put a plate in the dishwasher if it has come into contact with cheese.  Instead, I have to hand wash it – with plenty of soap and hot water.  And yet she finds ME downright weird for not enjoying natto, a fermented soybean possessed of a mucous-like viscosity.  At least we are united in our dislike of durian, cilantro, and rutabagas.

Today’s Yes/No…

The tough part is finding a way to eat the ramen first and saving the ice cream for last.

Check out this treasure trove of concept art from the Stargate vault!

Battle Bugs Critter Critter03 Critter04 Critter05 Critters Diary02 Eyeora Falcon01 Metamorphosis-prosthetics Metamorphosis Caged Icons Icons02 07 Leo_winner Melt Mining Mothership02-copy Mothership04 Page04 Palace Portal Ruins Scarab Seberus Shipint-copy Tablet Tagrea Tangeanfighter Tangeanfighter01 Tangeanfighter02 Trimordian_boar Weapon01

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